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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Here are Three Teasers for This Weekend’s Doctor Who, Each More Spoilery Than the Last

This one’s actually probably the least spoilery, if you don’t mind seeing a few of the episode’s jokes before actually seeing it. In my opinion, the others might actually contain plot points, so view at your own risk. And appreciate the spoiler sacrifices that us Bothans in the entertainment blogging business make for you!

(via Doctor Who on Tumblr.)

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  • Anonymous

    Monks are not cool indeed. Probably a little overzealous on my part in assuming this is a reference to the Meddling Monk?

  • Ian Fay

    Aw, I was really hoping she was going to say “smaller on the outside.”

    Still, very cool.

  • Sarah

    Gasp! It’s a clip-on! NOOOOOoO

  • Gemma Mason

    Bothans? Do you mean boffins? Or is this a Doctor Who alien species that I haven’t heard of yet?

  • Chris Orton

    That’s what I like about employers. They wait until after your holidays to kill you….

  • Jim

    I think Kislet’s sister runs our HR department – you know the type: no reflections, don’t cast shadows, room temp drops 5deg when they walk in.

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife


    (*-Only Canadians will understand this.)