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Things to Do With Your Kids

David Tennant And The Cast of Doctor Who Tell Amazing Bedtime Stories

There once was a show called Doctor Who. It ran for a verrrrry long time and had some really, really talented actors. One day, they told us bedtime stories. The end.

Ok, not the end. Doctor Who cast members David Tennant, Alex Kingston, Christopher Eccleston, John Simm, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman have all taken part in the BBC tradition that is CBeebies. It’s a channel, one of the only free on the BBC, for preschoolers where the final hour of every day is dedicated to bedtime. And at the end of that hour a celebrity reads a bedtime story (actually they read 5 but spread them out over a week). It’s a pretty cool concept and we’re lucky enough that most of them are available on YouTube. I found that Tennant and Agyeman were the best storytellers of the bunch but Simm actually used voices for the characters and that was the last thing I expected from The Master. Go watch the rest and have sweet dreams!

(via GeekMom)

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  • Alicia Little

    Polar bears and Penguins and Octopi!

  • captain sharmie

    who’s john simms? john simm plays the master. :)

  • shadowfirebird

    “It’s a channel, one of the only free on the BBC…”

    I have no idea what this means, but it’s not likely to be true.

    All BBC channels are free-to-air.  But everyone in the UK pays a license fee — essentially a TV tax — and the money mostly goes to the BBC.  So either all BBC channels are free, or none of them are, depending on how you hold your head.

  • Anonymous

    This is what I read about the channel, “It is used as a themed strand in the UK on terrestrial television, as a separate free-to-air domestic British channel and used for international varients supported by advertising, subscription or both. ”

  • Nick Bryan

    I think that section is saying that CBeebies (and maybe other BBC channels, I don’t know) are supported by advertising or subscription for international non-Brit viewers. In the UK, all BBC channels are supplied flatly to all TV owners, I don’t know of any that cost extra on top of that.

    (You are legally meant to pay the licence fee if you watch them, as shadowfirebird says, but there’s no subscription model. They can just prosecute you retrospectively if they find you’ve been watching without paying.)

  • Anonymous

    I want The Doctor to tell me bedtime stories. Never mind the fact that I’m 27, we could all use them.

  • Emma Jones

    I’m going to kidnap Tennant and make him tell me bedtime stories every night. I’d feed him and clothe him and keep him safe and warm! I swear!

  • Andrew Horn

    Tingly-tangley tentacles. Timey-wimey ball. Tennant needs to do an audio book of Lewis Carroll or W.S. Gilbert.

  • Anonymous

    The penguin voice is the one he uses for toothless in the How to Train Your Dragon audiobooks :3

  • Helen Bryant

    David does the most fantastic voices in his stories – I love listening to him. He has a very soothing voice and I almost wish I were snuggling down to go to bed!  My fave story he told was Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency, but the pictures in the stories like Miki, How High is the Sky and The Christmas Bear are so cute.

    However, the vampire stories he’s currently telling on BBC Radio 4 every night are a different matter… They give me the chills!