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Doctor Who Christmas Special Gets a Poster; Scary Snowmen

Yes, you recognize these guys from the trailer, don’t you? It was the moment you remembered what Doctor Who likes to do to your fond childhood memories. Or you thought to yourself “Pfft. Calvin could do better.”

Either way, the BBC have also released a poster for the episode, which you’ll find below.

Click to embiggen to wallpaper size!

(via Tumblr.)


  • Anonymous

    You have to give the show credit for making every ep so far seem “cinematic” with these posters.

  • Kifre

    Ohhh yay, another poster where the companion is literally hanging off the Dr. and this time with decolletage.

  • thebravestheart

    Thanks for putting this comment here, I would have otherwise. How is it this poster is offered on a site like this without critical comment?

  • Kifre

    Glad to be of service.

    Sometimes I’m really jealous of the people who can still appreciate everything that Moffat is/has done right with the show despite the huge sexist problems. At the same time I am disappointed with the lack of critical attention this cheap photoshop job will uniformly receive… I have a hard time blaming Ms. Polo for focusin on the snowmen :|