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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

eye candy

Gorgeous Disney Stained Glass to Delight Your Eyeballs

Mandie Manzano is a Louisiana-based artist who has created these bright, colorful, and rich stained glass-style renderings of various Disney characters, including our favorite Disney princesses. I don’t know about you guys, but stained glass is like the cannoli cake dessert of the art world for me. My eyes cannot get enough and they feel incredibly full and satisfied after looking at them. And that was my impression of an art critic in a comedy sketch. But seriously, see more of these after the jump. Your eyeballs will thank you.

First, the full version of the top pic. Make sure to click to enlarge.

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Alice, tumbling through Wonderland

Beauty and the Beast, post-Beast

The Corpse Bride

Jessica Rabbit: She’s not bad, she’s just rendered in sparkly, sparkly glass that way.

Sally and Jack Skellington, A Nightmare Before Christmas

(via Geeks Are Sexy)

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  • Anonymous

    These are lovely, but you got my hopes up… I thought she was working with actual stained glass, and I got super excited about studying her designs! (I’ve been working on some nerdy stained glass pieces myself, but I’m no glass veteran, so any technical inspiration goes a long way.) Ah well. I wonder if she was inspired by the prologue of Beauty and the Beast!

  • Kath

    I think the title is a tiny bit misleading. The Corpse Bride and Jessica Rabbit aren’t Disney characters ;)

    But on a more positive note, I do really like them. They’re quite cool.

  • ainok

    I honestly have to say, I have never ever seen the attraction of the Disney princesses ™. Or any princesses. EVER. I realize I’m in a small minority here, but for crying out loud, where can I go that I will not have these insipid, vapid morons pressed upon me at every turn, as if there is any character, element or quality in any of them that I admire or in any way aspire to be like?

    I’m sorry if this comes across as vitriolic, it’s just that my god, they are *everywhere*, and they are idiotic, and I CAN’T GET AWAY. I am constantly amazed when I meet GROWN ADULT WOMEN who think Ariel–Ariel!–is some awesome symbol of womanhood or someone to aspire to be like. Ugh.

    The saving grace here is that at least Sally and Jessica Rabbit aren’t princesses, which automatically puts them a step way the hell up above the rest in my book. Also nice to see Malificent, the Wicked Queen and Peter Pan. That’s something, anyway. But the princesses themselves can kindly die in a fire. I would cheer most heartily. And then I would go find some other, better example of womanhood and female empowerment to admire, because seriously, Disney doesn’t have a lock on female characters and the princesses aren’t even badass. (Except for Mulan, who could take all the rest in a fight without even breaking a sweat. She can stay.)

  • Francesca M

    Ummm they were in movies produced by Disney… so it counts.

  • kalsangikid

    You haven’t seen “The Princess and the Frog” yet, then. Tiana’s whole dream is to become a self-reliant entrepreneur.

  • Kellee Richards

    Just to clarify things, since I tend to be a Disney pedant:

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a Disney movie. Scripted by Disney writers, released under the Touchstone label which is a division of Disney. The non-Disney cartoon characters in it were rented by Disney for the purpose, in order to give “Toontown” more authenticity.

    Corpse Bride is not a Disney movie. It has nothing to do with Disney. It’s Warner Bros., actually. People often assume it is Disney because it has so much in common with The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a Disney-owned IP (and one they are happy to market the hell out of) if not a Disney creation.

    Also not Disney: Anastasia,, Thumbelina, The Road to El Dorado, The Prince of Egypt, Shrek.

    Disney but not Pixar: Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, Bolt. You would not believe how many people think all Disney + CGI = Pixar.

  • Kath

    A commenter below corrected the Roger Rabbit point (I didn’t know about Touchstone being linked to Disney), but The Corpse Bride certainly isn’t.

  • Kath

    Awesome, thanks for the clarification. Had no idea about Roger Rabbit, but I was pretty sure The Corpse Bride wasn’t Disney.

  • Anonymous

  • Zoe Perzo

    I love how she included Tim Burton films (the Corpse Bride is gorgeous!) AND she from Louisiana =)

  • Gina

    Those are beautiful, but for some reason the top one (set?) makes me afraid to blink.

  • Francesca M

    Yeah I was an idiot on Corpse Bride.

  • Kath

    Nah, we all make honest mistakes. It’s quite an easy one to make, too.

  • Celestial Elf

    Wonderful stained Glass wow, thought you might like my machinima version of A Christmas Carol Ho Ho Ho

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I’m not sure if it says something about the characters, the artist, or me personally, but Snow White’s Wicked Queen and Maleficent are definitely my favorites.

  • Danielledd