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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Hadouken! Disney Princesses As Street Fighters

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This “Disney Princesses vs. Capcom” series comes courtesy of Mike V, who’s also done a rather spiffy collection of 8-bit style Disney characters.

You kick some butt, Cinderella. That’s what they get when they don’t let you go to the ball. Check out the rest behind the jump.

(via: BuzzFeed)

Previously in Disney Princesses…

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  • Joanna

    Was Nala technically a princess?

  • Ashe

    A princess who turned into a queen. Even better!

  • Anonymous

    The frying pan! Ha!

  • Jen Roberts

    Nala as Felicia FTW

  • Aila

    Why can’t it be real? Can I hack street fighter and put these in?

  • Harrison Grey

    Is it wrong for me to think that Pocahontas should have been Dhalsim?

  • Anonymous

    Can this be a real game now? Please?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get a Kickstarter going and make this happen! Like, yesterday!

  • Anonymous

    When you’ve got Fa “marries a General’s son, maybe” Mulan among the official Disney Princesses, actual princesses definitely count. Even if they are lions (especially if they are lions).

  • Thomas Hayes

    Mad props for including the frying pan.

  • Anonymous

    it can be done

  • realinvalidname

    Is Kida unlockable?

  • Michael Kwan

    Yes, because Pocahontas is native American and Dhalsim is East Indian… that’s nowhere near being the same thing. It’s like saying Aladdin should be Blanka.

  • Harrison Grey

    No, I know that. It’s not the ethnicity that made me think of it, it’s the meditation. Pocahontas is all, “everything has a spirit” and Dhalsim is all:

  • Michael Kwan


  • totz the plaid

    Yeah, I was just about to comment that it’s only a matter of time before these show up on a Mugen download site.

  • Ashe

    Most definitely if they are lions!

    (Nala was one of my idols as a little girl so I may be a bit biased here…)

  • Ashe


  • Anonymous

    The thought of Pocahontas as T. Hawk tickles me because T. Hawk is a grappler. I’ve got this mental image of her pulling off a Raging Slash and I cannot stop laughing.

    It would be hilarious/awesome for any of these princesses to be grapplers, really. Just busting out all these wrestling holds all over the place lmao