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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

DC & Marvel Character Mashups Make For Some Interesting Cosplay Ideas

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Eric Guzman has some great DC and Marvel animated-style illustrations on his DeviantArt page but it’s his recent mashups that really caught our eye. He combined the general costume ideas for two character to create something incredibly unique. So much so, I’m already trying to figure out how I can pull off Poison Scorpion. And he put some real thought into which two superheroes or villains would come together best. Take a look.

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  • ACF

    I like some of them. Spider-bat is especially good, I think.

  • Kay

    These are amazing. Pretty, innovative, with cool reimagining of the costumes… I love them. Totally into Captain Krypton, Ms. Wonder, and the Joking Goblin in particular, but I have to give amused props to the Amazing Spider-Bat.

  • Anonymous

    I love the fact that two of Spidey and Batman’s notable rogues were also combined, giving us the Joking Goblin and Banenom for Spider-Bat’s gallery.

  • Will Beaty

    Banenom is the most 90s thing ever.

  • Abel Undercity

    I for one would love to see a Thunder God adventure. Combining the might of the Odinson with the Power of Shazam… dang! Watch out, Lokiseid!

  • Supermorff

    packetdancer, all of the villains are a combination of a Spidey rogue and a Batman rogue: the Scavenger is Vulture and Scarecrow, Dr Octofreeze is Dr Octopus and Mr Freeze, and Poison Scorpion is Scorpion and Poison Ivy. See here for all of them on a single picture:

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know who that is merged with Scorpion?

  • Abel Undercity

    Poison Ivy

  • TKS

    I wonder what a Red Skull, Black Mask mash up would look like.

    Mauve Skull Mask?

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    The Joking Goblin is a thing of nightmares. None of your loved ones will survive!!

  • Anonymous

    Love them all, but…shouldn’t it be Captain Wonder now?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I phrased that poorly: I meant that I loved the fact that two of the most notable rogues of each gallery were combined, i.e., making sort of arch-merged-rogues.

    ’cause, let’s be fair, the Vulture doesn’t exactly rate up there with Green Goblin and Venom in terms of ‘how iconic his clashes with Spidey are.’ ;)

  • Anonymous

    Captain Krypton is my favorite, but I’m a Superman fanatic, so I’m admittedly biased. Spider-Bat looks excellent as well.

  • Anonymous


    Power of Thor!
    Senses of Heimdall!
    Wisdom of Odin!
    Cunning of Loki!
    Skill of Uller!
    Courage of Tyr!

  • Crystal Lynn

    Ms Wonder is totally a costume I could back up for a new Wonder Woman movies/tv series. These all look really cool, though!

  • Supermorff

    Ah, I see what you mean now. I think Dr Octopus rates with those two, though.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I wish Marvel or DC would do something with that thing XD both compnies can freely use it without permission from one another according to the agreement….

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Their all pretty grand though I think amaglam’s spiderman/superboy fushion was neater…
    Unless this is supposed to be Spiderman and Beyond Batman…hmmm…

  • Anonymous

    It really should be Major Wonder since that’s Carol’s USAF rank that’s higher than captain.

  • Fisty

    I hated Amalgam :-p

  • totz the plaid

    I do. DarkClaw was so much better than that Wolverine/Creeper combo!

    Actually “Poison Scorpion” (despite the terrible name) is the only one of these that actually works! The Amalgam ones matched people up _MUCH_ better than this!

  • Anonymous

    I dare anyone to try to say “Dr. Octofreeze” ten times fast.

  • Dryad

    Love Dr. Octofreeze and Poison Scorpion. I had a lot of trouble figuring out who Wonder Woman had been merged with, though!

  • Mark Brown

    Needs more pouches.

  • Mark Brown

    No Steel Man (John Irons + Tony Stark)?

  • Jason Atkins

    Forget it being a Marvel/DC mashup: that first one would be a fantastic design for a female Scorpion. Spiderman doesn’t really have an abundance of female enemies, and if they’re gearing up towards a Sinister Six movie (which is what Amazing Spider-Man certainly seems to be doing), Scorpion would be a great way to get a little gender diversity in there.

    Hell, if you turn Mac Gargan into Mackenzie Gargan, not only do you have a female scorpion… you’re also potentially set up for a lady Venom at some point. Mac is a private investigator, so there’s potential for brains as well as fighting skills… and a more sleek and feminine version of the scorpion suit with a more gymnastic martial arts fighting style might work a lot better in live action than a chunky bloke suit just standing there and shooting energy blasts out of his tail.

  • Anonymous

    She’s apparently a Colonel now (see Captain Marvel 1)

  • Anonymous

    Well that just makes the trademark-securing name change more inaccurate & insulting.

  • Anonymous
  • Jason Atkins

    There’s also a female version of Scorpion who works for SHIELD.

    Even so, I’d still rather see a female version of someone like Mac Gargan. The first sentence of the link you provided describes Scorpia as a former mental patient, and reading around the character elsewhere doesn’t really reveal all that much depth and diversity to the character beyond that… she sounds like a cliché from what I’m seeing, and it would be a real shame if the only female member of the Sinister Six wound up being two dimensional.

    Maybe a “just crazy” character would be a good thing from a “we have six villains: we can’t spent too much time on character development” perspective, but personally I’d rather see her being one of the important, complicated members of the team, rather than a 2D token woman character.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, but to be fair most of the Sinister Six don’t have the deepest motivations either.

  • Jason Atkins

    It’s not their motivations that need to be deep: it’s their personalities.

    The first movie turned The Lizard into a character who you could easily empathise with: a sort of Jekyll/Hyde scenario who turned himself into a monster with the best of intentions. From what we’ve seen in set photos, Electro is someone who starts out relatively weak and helpless, and I presume will have some sort of gets powers / uses them irresponsibly path to villainy. From the glimpses we’ve seen, it seems like they’re going for a more scheming and manipulative Ultimate Green Goblin spin on Norman Osborne, which again gives the character a lot of depth.

    It’s possible to make crazy and badass interesting (eg. River Tam), but I think it would be a shame if the first female villain we got didn’t warrant more screen time. We need someone like Mystique in XMFC, rather than Mystique in the earlier trilogy.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say the Lizard’s personality was presented well in AS-M. Cutting out his wife & son removed a lot of sympathy, as did his implied complicity in the disappearance of Peter’s parents. Instead of being gung-ho about testing the serum on himself, he’s against human trials until after his boss leaves to experiment on vets. His plan to turn everyone into lizard monsters so there wouldn’t be any more outcasts felt random & was predicated on the assumption that lizard mutants wouldn’t be jerks to each other. He tries to kill Spider-Man repeatedly, but saves his life once Peter foils his plan. The Lizard wasn’t evil enough nor Connors noble enough to make the dichotomy work so he ended up being meh.
    Electro looks like he’ll be the Riddler/Syndrome/Aldrich Killain cliche of snubbed genius fan turned nemesis.
    Spectacular Spider-Man is still the gold standard for characterization.

  • Jason Atkins

    It may not be a good depiction of the comic book / cartoon version of the character, but that doesn’t mean his character wasn’t well-presented. They did a really good job of presenting the character that the writers decided they were going to have in the movie: and I think that’s the much more important part.

    They’re not adapting Pride & Prejudice or Game of Thrones here: the end goal is not to present a laser-accurate adaptation of the source material. Instead, what they’re (supposed to be) trying to do is take the essence of those characters and update it for a modern audience, the same way that the comics themselves regularly revamp and update the characters.

    The essence of Lizard (that sounds like it should be a perfume or something) that they decided they wanted to convey was that he’s a morally conflicted character: someone who does wrong but with the best of intentions. Being opposed to human trials is something that will resonate with modern audiences, and it sets him apart a little bit from the Jekyll/Hyde or Hulk version of the “tested on himself” character. He’s put in a tough situation, and every person in the world knows that tough situations can force you into making bad decisions. The fact that Connors is connected to Peter’s father will no doubt help in the long term: it’ll make it easier to work the “I know you’re a good man” angle. And arguably, the absence of a family makes the character more sympathetic: if he was willing to abandon his wife and child in the name of science, modern audiences might view that much more negatively than they would have in the past.

    Regardless though, what’s important is that the Lizard – whether comic-accurate or not – is a complicated and conflicted villain, not a larger-than-life stereotype. That complexity and those three-dimensional characters is what sets these movies apart from the previous trilogy: Connors was a much more nuanced and three-dimensional character than the 2D stereotypical Green Goblin from the Raimi movies was. Bringing it back to Scorpion, I don’t think there’s enough substance to Scorpia’s character to turn her into a complex character… and if we only get to have the one woman, I’d rather she was 3D than 2D.