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Are You A Convention Creeper? [VIDEO]

As a cosplayer who attends several conventions a year, it’s safe to say I’ve witnessed/experienced a few creepers in my time, individuals who either don’t know or don’t care their actions and behavior are inappropriate. A year ago, one of my groups had to have several of our male companions stand behind us while we posed for shots on the convention floor because a guy was standing there trying to take pictures of our asses. In fact, one of my friends recently wrote an “Open Letter to Convention-Going Butt Photographers.” But I digress, it isn’t only us ladies who notice and take offense, and geek comedian Black Nerd decided to address the whole issue in his latest “Black Nerd Rant.”

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  • Anonymous

    Hah! He had me as CosbyCon! “everybody wear their cosplay sweaters!”

  • Jamie Jeans

    This guy is my new hero!

    Seriously, that is some majour truth bomb he dropped there. I know when I’m at a convention that when I take a picture, I ask first, and then after, show them the picture to see if the cosplayer is okay with it. If not, I delete it.

    See? Common courtesy, being respectful, and being a decent human being.

  • Andre (Black Nerd)

    Thanks so much for sharing my video. Just saying what needed to be said :)

  • Anonymous

    Went to Comic Con for the first time this year. I still don’t feel it’s a completely safe place (personal inabilities to cope, plus the obvious…predators are there and there’s no definite harassment policy) but I managed to have fun. I had a lot of people ask for my picture too. One of them responded offended, like they had a right to my picture and I totes just denied them that. I walked off before they could start a come back. I don’t know how many pictures of me were taken without my consent, but I did notice one dude pointing a camera my way while waiting for a panel. Obvious creepy fuck is obvious…

  • Danielle Burt

    This guy is awesome!! I’m adding all his videos to StumbleUpon and sharing his videos with my geeky friends. Stat!

  • bookgeek10

    Oddly, I went to NY Comic Con once dressed as Delirium and the only people who asked for my picture were other women.

  • craig farrar

    There is such a thing as Candid photography and some photographers like the style and don’t use it to rub themselves raw. Males even.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Uh, candid photography can sometimes be a euphemism for creeper photography. It’s one thing if you’re standing three levels up at the PULSE bar in the Marriott taking a photo of thousands of people in a crowd below like so many ants and quite another if you are focusing on one person or zooming on them in particular unbeknownst to them.

  • craig farrar

    .. or it could be you are trying to capture the person as they exist “in nature” so to speak. I have only been to one convention with a press badge and I took many single candids. Not one to I “fap to”.

    you tell me are these “creeper” shots?

  • Mac Beauvais

    Preference for candids or not, it’s still taking photos without permission. Please be sensitive of those who may not wish to have their photos taken in a candid setting or that are alarmed by your doing so. It can be hard to know the difference between someone taking shots for press and shots for their own “personal” collections. You need to understand and recognize that even though you may not be a creeper, a lot of people are, and it’s going to put others on edge.

    Please also don’t discount the fact that many of us have been subject to very blatant butt, and otherwise unsavory, photography. It is, at times, pretty damn obvious as to what is going on behind us, and it’s problematic enough that I’ve had friends yelled at by photographers because they dared to block them from taking shots of cosplayers’ butts. However, sometimes it is more subtle and has resulted in collections of posterior shots plastered around online.

    What you can do is advocate for accountability on the part of those taking photographs at cons. A rotten apple spoils the bunch, and it behooves legitimate photographers to make an attempt at making it known that this behaviour is detrimental to all involved.

  • { chaka; }

    come on, now. you know he’s not referring to candids.

  • ShifterCat

    …And some of us hate, hate, HATE having our picture taken without permission. Even when it’s my own mother doing it, I don’t like candid pictures.

  • Marisa Mockery

    Andre this rant just made me follow you XD And no you ain’t friendzoned to me~

  • Martin Walsh

    “I’m gonna go take some pictures of women without asking.”
    my takeaway from that video *nods sagely*

  • Ryan Psc

    They’re creeper shots. Most of them are mundane, but some people don’t want to be photographed. If the subject doesn’t mind you should ask them for a signed consent to publish the picture, and give them your Flickr gallery info.

    You can take pictures of your friends, and take pictures of the paid professionals who are on display, but don’t take pictures of regular people unless you’re going to approach them face-to-face to reveal your motivations as candidly as you took their photograph. And they’ll probably still think you’re a creeper.

  • Maia Turlo

    This regularly happens to a very good friend of mine, to the point where my beau and I usually end up playing “body guard” for her. There’s another article about creepy butt picture takers, and it hit a point at PAX where I had to stand behind her in most of her photos to prevent people from being butt creepers. (So many photo bombs.) We also started asking people who she was cosplaying before we’d let them take pictures with her after an especially creepy guy came up and asked if they could “Do a sexy pose together”. After the picture, he asked her who she was cosplaying and then continued by saying he doesn’t play much video games and walking off. I’m used to dealing with creepers with her, but the amount of them is getting a little depressing, and seeing how many others are going through it… Something really needs to be done about it. :/ Thanks for the part you’ve played in this – I just hope people take it seriously.

  • Andrew Paul Ross Semkow

    Thank you for saying this, every time a guy does things like this I feel like they drag the whole gender down with them.