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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

CBS Greenlights Show About Nerd Women! Conan O’Brien Is Helping!

Well here’s something completely unexpected. CBS is creating a comedy pilot from Conan O’Brien’s Conaco in association with Warner Bros. Television, for something called Super Fun Night. And guess what? It’s about a group of nerdy women. It also stars one of the actresses from Bridesmaids. This could be amazing. 

There’s not a ton of information at this time but what we do know is Australian actress Rebel Wilson will star in the new comedy (Brynn from Bridesmaids). Wilson will also serve as writer and co-executive producer.

Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter describes the show, “a multi-camera comedy that revolves around three nerdy female friends on their ‘funcomfortable’ quest to have ‘super fun’ every Friday night.”

I don’t know about you but that sounds like what I strive for every weekend. Also, never heard the word “funcomfortable” before but it accurately describes my perfect night at home and I’ll now be using it every chance I get.

Anyway, that’s all we know but this project has the potential to be really, really cool. I’ll say the obvious, this may be a Big Bang Theory with women. Because something a lot of BBT fans (and detractors) have said the show is lacking is female nerds. Of course it’s not being made by the same people so I’m sure it will be completely different in style and tone but I’m really hoping for a home run here. Having a show on a major network depict nerdy women accurately would be huge.

(via Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Elizabeth-Amber Delaney

    Suck it, Smith!

  • Anonymous

    Of course it’s not being made by the same people so I’m sure it will be
    completely different in style and tone but I’m really hoping for a home
    run here.

    I dunno, it’s still possible it’ll be BBT-esque, which could be really, really bad. Hope we get a diverse cast – and that they realize that means more than an Asian-American character who’s “really good at math.”

  • Ladies Making Comics

    I’m cautiously optimistic!

  • Haley L.

    I hope the characters in this are fully fleshed out and not just nerd stereotypes. Nothing bothers me more than characters whose only defining trait is “He’s good with a computer!” or “she really likes World of Warcraft!”

    Actually, speaking of MMORPG-loving characters, The Guild is a great show for having “nerd” characters that have more traits beyond their stereotypes (even if they’re definitely falling under WOW-player stereotypes). I hope this show takes a good look at what’s made The Guild successful among the people it’s making fun of.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Awkward Embraces is another fantastic nerd show. 

  • Bel

    This is one of those situations where I find I really don’t want to be represented.

  • Jamie Murphy

    Could be refreshing…

  • Anonymous

    If it’s well done, I would be really happy. I’ve been wanting more accurate representations of nerdy women in the media for a while now.  

  • Nathania Johnson

    CBS has a decent history of nerdy female characters. On BBT, there’s Amy and Bernadette. There’s Garcia on Criminal Minds and Abby on NCIS. In the past, they’ve cast women in supernatural character roles such as Ghost Whisperer and Medium.

    A show by Rebel Wilson would be more than welcome. I love British comedies, which are quirky and hilarious – if this show was anything along the lines of The IT Crowd, Coupling, Green Wing, Gavin & Stacy, etc, it will be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I used to hate Big Bang Theory because of how they depicted women as either a bubbly, blonde fashionista or a cold, brunette physicist. Seeing a recent episode (with girls who are smart *and* have emotions!) has made me go back and catch up on what I missed. I really like how they’ve broadened Amy into a slightly more human character than the Sheldon-clone they started with. And I’m a huge fan of Bernadette and the current story line in which she’s making more money than Wolowitz and turning him into a house-husband. Can’t wait for this new show about lady-nerds.

  • Emily Hill

    If it get’s on the air I watch it and I knew there was a reason I loved Conan

  • Anna B

    They should have a regular segment in full MMORPG mode on the show, ala basement pot sessions on That 70s Show.

  • Anonymous

    I think when peple say BBT lacks female nerds, they mean that none of the women have nerdy or geeky traits outside of their careers. Like, we see the boys playing video games and buying comics, but the only woman we saw do that was in one episode and was essentially just a plot device. 

    I do love Amy and Bernadette though. I was about to give up on the show and then they showed up and I re-fell in love. 
    Though I do think Bernadette and Wolowitz need to break up. There have been, like, three episodes where a deal breaker shows up and then it’s just…suddenly not a problem anymore. 

  • Anonymous

    This story headline needs more OMG!!!s, hearts, glitter and exclamation points to classify as a Mary Sue post.  Please delete and repost.

  • Null

    Did you folks ban that Matt guy?