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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Webcartoonists Respond to the Cover of Catwoman #0

It’s the beginning of the true summer season, and what that means in comics is that DC and Marvel are revealing their solicits for September, that is, the artist lineups, covers, and brief plot teasers. For DC, September is the first anniversary of their New 52, which means special issue #0′s for everybody, each one focusing on (though not necessarily retelling) their origins.

Judging by the cover for Catwoman 0#, Catwoman’s new origin is that she’s a refuge from Lumpy Space. Naturally this did not go unnoticed by some of our favorite webcartoonists. (Post is probably NSFW, if it isn’t already.)

Josh Rogers of Mushface Comics prepared this masterpiece:

Catie of CatieMonstrous whipped up a whole slew of Catwomans, each one better than the last,

And of course Kate Beaton lent her experience drawing Strong Female Characters to the cause:

Of course, not everyone was happy.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but nevertheless, DC Women Kicking Ass has one more excellent point to make about the whole thing.

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  • Kaarel Jakobson

    Hah hah, what IS that? How could anyone possibly think this was good art? 

  • Sara Sakana

    Seriously, I’ve seen better anatomy from Liefeld.

  • Terence Ng

    You know, the quadra-mound entity isn’t too far off from the original…

  • Beccy David

    Also, Megan Gedris!

  • Anonymous

    Can we just call them cartoonists and not webcartoonists. I’m tossing that in the same boat as women comedians. No one likes the name. Let’s move on.

  • Scarlet

    It looks like someone botched her butt implants. 

  • Kath


  • Eric Haidys

    Carol Ferris is in virtually the same pose on the cover of New Guardians #0

  • bamboo_princess

    After the new 52 was released I stopped reading. I was crushed by the sheer volume of unveiled sexism and objectification and couldn’t stomach it. I was considering seeing if anything had changed but obviously not. I miss the comics I’ve been reading for years but I’m finding others.

  • bamboo_princess

    Also, new Green Arrow TV show coming out. Does anyone think Black Canary would have been a *way* better candidate for the small screen?

  • Frodo Baggins

    Your ass is grass.

  • Kim Pittman

     I understand the idea, but currently, webcomics are making more money and doing better than any of the other guys. I wouldn’t want to be lumped in yet. Plus it helps understand which group of people you are talking about. The story wouldn’t make nearly as much sense if she just said cartoonists every time.

  • Kim Pittman

     This was my first reaction. I like a curvy woman drawing as much as anyone, but this is *not* pretty/sexy/artistic in any way.

    It looks creepy to me.

    Can we hope for an alternate cover?

  • Anonymous

    could someone please take poor catwoman to the chiropractor?  ouch!

  • StevieNicksFan321

    1. I liked Shmorky’s take:

    2. Keep digging, DC.

  • Alex

    I could only hope to look half that good in a catsuit. Please GTFO Susana.

  • Anthony

    I know everybody is commenting on her butt and chest, but what the hell is up with her fingers? Look at them! They’re like Selena just crafted the talons of an eagle to her hand. And her thigh is longer than her torso. :P

  • Mikael

    Endless critiques from people who aren’t going to buy it anyway, who most likely never bought it in all the years it was on the shelves, and who are just really only interested in getting their own name out there during the controversy. Job well done.

  • IMSH

    Unless your a contortionist, that looks like a painful pose to hold while an “artist” renders the image. Then again it could be a clue of things to come as it looks like Bane snapped her back across his knee.

  • Anonymous

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  • Terence Ng
  • Wolf

    A friend of mine, who is extremely limber, as well as a dancer, says that this position? Is completely impossible for a real woman to achieve without seriously injuring themselves.

    I’m taking her at her word and not attempting it myself.

  • Gregory Allen

    One of the things that the industry doesn’t really talk about is how almost none of these artists is even trained. Considering most fans eat it up without question (and are hostile to any criticism of their favorite artists), and anyone else simply doesn’t read it, it’s only gotten worse over time. Most characters I see are these weird, non-Euclidean geometric horrors (men and women) that has been on a downward spiral ever since Scott Liefeld thought he could draw. These guys make a good living, but I want to see the hilarity that would ensue if you threw them into a legit figure-drawing class. 

    One of my favorite parodies is from the comic Chew, where Rob Guillory draws all of the secret agent women from the USDA as these interchangeable “comic hotties” with DDD cups with tiny waists that can all somehow do flips, and nobody acknowledges why it’s weird. These also serve in a way to highlight Rob Guillory’s much better female character designs like Olive, Amelia, and Antonelle.

  • Totz_the_Plaid

    John Troutman (,, did an awesome parody of it too:

  • Totz_the_Plaid There’s this one too.

  • Gregory Allen

    I know. We had three men and 9 women in my immediate family, so I’m not one of these internet “misandry” ‘spergs who doesn’t recognize the problem. I do like an occasional comic, and one of the few things that fills me with shame when examining the rack at my local comic store is all the boobs and terrible sex pun tag lines lining the walls. It’s just as bad with gaming, but no matter how much anyone whines about things being so samey, if we try to do things differently, then the fans (read: geeks) lose their minds.

  • Anonymous

     Fingers? I can’t past how unnatural that pose is for her NECK. She’s looking straight up, but slightly to the side with her chest going one way and her ass going another. It’s like WTF

  • Kimberly

    You might want to check out the Eschergirls tumblr for lots of discussion like this on how women are drawn (or rather, drawn badly) in comics.

  • Amanda Jean Carroll

    Every time I see a Catwoman cover it makes me want to cry. The Adam Hughes covers were sexy, but also GORGEOUS. The Darwyn Cooke covers were quirky and charming and swank. Why doesn’t DC know what’s good and what isn’t? 

  • $oss

    It’s Rob Liefeld Mr. Allen. Honestly, if you are going to call these artists out for being undertrained at least get the guys name correct.

  • Anonymous

    Take a look at the logo for this site in the upper left.

    I just followed a link on a friend’s Facebook to read the story, but I couldn’t help but notice the logo as I reflected on these comments.  Any of you ever objected to that logo?

  • Anonymous

    Umm… why? Yes, it’s a woman who is posed- but the pose is actually possible for the human form, and it’s not blatantly for the purpose of titillation, unlike the cover. The way Catwoman’s posed makes it look like her skeleton is made of Silly Putty, all in an attempt to get as much T & A as possible.

  • Michelle Fitzgerald

    I started reading The Flash and now Earth 2, the art in the Flash is bloody fantastic and I’m not seeing anything problematic about it so far (nine issues in) so I would suggest giving him a try. I avoid Catwoman like the plague though.

  • Michelle Fitzgerald

    Actually I prefer the art style of today to yesteryears. Sure the 90s was a god awful time for art (I blame Liefeld for one.) but I like the clean lines and bright colors that are popular today and ADORE TO NO END the fact that comics are no longer printed on newsprint. I have massive issues with certain textures and the old comics tend to make my skin crawl.

    Yes, some artists these days badly badly BADLY need to get some classes in anatomy and life drawing (Ed Benes being a good example of one of them.). But in general I’m happy to move away from the messy crosshatched looks comics used to have.

  • K

    Holy cow, thank you.  I honestly stopped reading most American comics a while back because the art became so garish.  I’m not even talking about misproportioned females, but backgrounds, color schemes, everything about the comics.  And I always feel weird for voicing that because, hey.  These are the professionals.  They’re supposed to be better than me, right?  I can’t do that.

  • K

    I agree….webcartoonists are in a much different boat than print comic artists or cartoonists compared to male and female comedians.  

  • K

    I….I never thought I would read this.

  • K

    I think the fingers are cool….except she’s got her last couple fingers tucked in.  Does this mean she’s gouging her fingers into her own palm!?

  • K

    I don’t understand how that’s a parody of this cover…..just looks like a mauled catwoman…

  • Emily O.

    ouch. my back hurts just looking at this. I have to say though, the artwork is great!

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect, i don’t think there was any sexism in the NU52 (as much as i personally hate the reboot).

    In fact a lot of the things people seem to be declaring sexism seem to be tame, even in comparission to things i could find in say Cleo, or Girlfriend, or any other magazine directed a predominately female audience.

    I think that if women had been the predominate audience for these products, no one would have mentioned it. I think the only reason its noticed or mentioned at all is because we aren’t the predominate buying audience for the product. I think thats all it really comes down to: Our belief that there is sexism because men are the primary audience for the products in question.

    Personally i think if its good enough for us (in the form of magazines like Cleo), then its good enough for the guys. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Anonymous

    Its funny how we see things. I personally can’t stand the art in the flash: But to each there own i suppose.

  • Anonymous

    Not really? Black Canery was always better as a member of the League & BoP, then as a solo character.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto the news print making my skin crawl.

    But as far as Ed Benes needing anatomy classess i disagree. He draws anatomy just, fine, its just not to your personal preference. There’s nothing wrong with his anatomy images from a technical stand point (well proportioned & not triple jointed)

    but i do agree with the 90′s art style not being so bad if you ignore Liefled. It did give us that bright shinny era of Avengers artwork, which accompanied Busieks writing.

  • Anonymous

    “webcomics are making more money and doing better than any of the other guys”

    I’m going to disagree. Some of them are, most of them are not. All webcomic artists are not equal.

  • Anonymous

    Um, that pose is actually not all that hard to get into. A rather limber gymnast can get into that pose (albeit while in motion). The reason it looks so wrong is just because its a strange angle, we aren’t used to seeing.

    They’ve down played the breasts, but uplayed the butt: Thats not entirely unrealistic given how lycra has a tendency to ride up. An yes, i’m telling you that as someone who once cosplayed as “Elseworlds Finest” version of Batwoman (and yes there are photos & no i’m not uploading them, LOL).

  • Chance Turner

    yeah but so is lifting a mountain yet superman did that, not to mention that most punches look totally awkward and off balance in not just dc comics but marvel image top cow and pretty much any amercian comic. if you wanna talk about oddly shapped bodies then take a look back at the old captain america know the one i mean.