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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Obligatory Baby Animal of the Day

Is Your Cat Tormented By Optical Illusions?

Either way, rasmusab, the creator of this video, wants to know for their informally crowdsourced study of human doing annoying things to their cats. In this case, showing them the “rotating snakes” optical illusion and seeing if they fall for it. (Illusion below, for the curious.)

(via io9.)


  • Jim

    Stop that PAPER it’s getting AWAY!!!!!!!!!!
    { moments later }
    Well, that’s old. Do I smell tuna?

  • noemie

    I think it’s very interesting. Cats’ sight is different from ours in many ways, they don’t see the same colors, have a smaller binocular vision field and need for their survival to be able to tell if a thing is moving or not. Yet their brain process images in a way similar enough to ours that they fall for this illusion. It’s fascinating.

  • Captain ZADL

    Aaaaaaaand now I have to try that with my cats.

  • Volkan Gokcay
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