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Is Tom Hardy Your New Snake Plissken In The Escape From New York Reboot?

Yes, we already heard an Escape from New York reboot was in the works but some big names have been thrown into the ring for the lead role. Tom Hardy among them. Hit the jump to find out who else might play Snake Plissken. 

The NY Daily News reports two names – Hardy and Jason Statham.

“Jason is the type of actor who has the physical attributes and screen presence to reprise Snake,” said a Hollywood insider close to the film’s producers. “He has a proven track record as a leading man and would do a great job.”

But, our insider adds, “Tom was immense in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and deserves to get a break in a top role. This could put him firmly in the A-list.”

The Daily News also mentions Gerard Butler and Jeremy Renner were up for the role but that was before Silver Pictures and Studio Canal took over. The reboot is said to be aiming for a trilogy and to tell Snake’s origin story.

While I could see any of those four actors in the role, Hardy seems the most unlikely to me only because he’s set to star in the title role for Mad Max: Fury Road. Another reboot and one with the potential for sequels.

I know many of you didn’t like the reboot idea to begin with but could you be happy with any of these guys as Snake?

(via Blastr)

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  • Jen Roberts

    I could go for any of those, but also Matt Keeslar. We already know he can pull off the eyepatch and stubble look. ^_~

  • Anonymous

    The only one I would actually get anywhere near excited about is Tom Hardy. He would kill in this role. It might even be something good, not just a bloodless remake.
    I like Jason Statham, but he’d just show up and play Jason Statham, and he does his own stuff–he doesn’t need this project, and it doesn’t need him. I wouldn’t even watch it, honestly.

  • Gouka

    I read that as “Mad Max: Furry Road” and was suddenly very excited. I’m not certain why… As for the actual topic of the article, I’m still in the “didn’t like the reboot idea to begin with” group.

  • Stephen

    That opening line made my night.

  • Stephen

    I had no idea there was a remake of this movie in the works. It’s just really quite sad, actually. After 32 years, how relevant could a reboot be that it justifies remaking the original movie? 1984 was a great book that’s worth reading in any era by any generation. But you don’t find another author to re-write it, even if you change it to 2084. As for the question, I really can’t see anyone else in the role because it’s such an iconic one. I’m sure they could all do a very good job, quite possibly better acted than Kurt Russel, but I think it will always feel like a remake.

    (Yes, 1984 is a far better work of art, beyond question. Just trying to make a point.)

  • Dana Kay Bach

    Tom Hardy is enough of a Jack of all Trades to do this role justice. I agree with Howard_Bannister that Jason Statham, as awesome as he is, would be Jason Statham, not Snake.

  • Sil Hauser

    I think the only one of those mentioned who has a chance to do it justice would be Renner. He has that “I got mileage”-serious thing going very good and could add enough edge to it, too. Shame this all but guarantees he won’t play it =) And yes, I admit to being a huge Snake Plissken fan. He’s just the coolest, hands down. Too bad the movies will probably suck, no matter who is cast.

  • Lindsey Hollands

    I just sucked air in through my teeth and clenched my pelvic muscles in one swift motion of “yeeeeessss”

  • Rebecca Pahle

    This is the best comment I have ever read.