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The People Making the Candyland Movie Are Still Totally Serious

What if there was an operatic, ‘King Lear’-like civil war in a kingdom that just happened to be made completely out of candy?” And you take the action sequences seriously and you take the comedic elements seriously and there’s a real emotional journey the characters go on. Having just done that, twice over, with a giant plush panda, we thought “Maybe we could try it again with candy.” – Glenn Berger, screenwriter for Universal Studios’ Candyland.

We thought this was weird the first time around, but when you put it that way…

Fair enough. Godspeed, people making the Candyland movie.

(via /Film.)


  • Nick Gaston

    Hell, that’s exactly what I’d do if I got hired to do a Candyland movie…I’d get Dale Dye to advise on the fights, and Tom Savini for the gore effects, to a score by Vangelis. Just like I’d do if I was ordered add a gratuitous lesbian scene to a movie.

    (I don’t get passive-aggressive: I get vengeful and creative)

  • Colin Mc Caughan


  • Anonymous

    In other news, film studio executives in the real Candyland just announced a movie based on the popular childrens’ board game, “Meat and Cellulose Land”.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I always liked the Candyland story.  I’m sure the movie will be terrible, but I know I spent a long time reading the board game insert and imagining stories about all the characters!

  • james clayton

    There is a Kickass looking psychological thriller coming out next year titled “Candyland” as one word. The trailer was reviewed on Quiet Earth:…and the website is: www.thecandylandmovie.comI don’t think the little kids will be watching this one. It’s for the parents. lol! Creepy looking…