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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Maintains He is Dead-icated to Preventing Zombie Invasion

Turn your volume up very high (not to let your neighbors know how hardcore you are but because this video is very quiet) and listen to Member of Canadian Parliment Pat Martin and Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird assure the Canadian people that they will never have anything to fear from zombies. American zombies, anyway, who will be turned away politely at the border.

They don’t say anything about a locally created infestation, however…

(via I Heart Chaos.)


  • Nightxade

    I am very pleased to see my tax dollars going to good cause.

    How do you say “zombie apocalypse” in French?

  • Vian Lawson

    It warms my cockles that my Canadian cousins are so well prepared and protected – I think they should advance their ideas at the next CHOGM, so that the rest of us in the commonwealth may benefit. Mind you, I’m not particularly worried for myself; in Australia, the dingoes will eat all the zombies, if the blowies don’t get them first.

  • Orion Kidder

    It’s nice to know that Baird has a sense of humour. Perhaps he can become a comedian instead of a politician. We’d all benefit.

  • Mark Brown

    “en garde, des Anglais!” ;)

  • Null

    I wonder what the backstory is. Seems unlikely a politician would hand his opponents an easy chance to paint him as unserious. Is it Canada’s equivalent of April Fool day, or something similar?

  • Anonymous

    All French language clichés jokes aside, it’s simply “Apocalypse zombie”… Yeah this is not even funny and doesn’t use our delightful, unnecessary complex vocabulary, go figure…

  • Anonymous

    Partisanship in Canada isn’t as bad as in the U.S. (few places are). It doesn’t happen often but if the mood is right, politicians of different parties can share a few laughs.

  • Aundrea Singer

    I like how you did that. :)

  • Aundrea Singer

    Just FYI: April fool’s is the same in Canada as in the US. But otherwise, I agree that it did seem strange to have this come up apparently out of nowhere. But it’s also true that the bitter political animosity that’s been prevalent in the US since at least 2008 really isn’t present in the same way in Canada. Partially, I believe, because there are more political parties, so at least some of the rage can be passed around. :)

    Personally, I’m also thrilled to see that politicians in my homeland still have a sense of humour.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    I know, right? I didn’t even know he had a sense of humour.

  • The Hitman

    2008? You obviously have never heard of the Bush (both), Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, or Johnson Presidencies.

    Something tells me Kennedy was probably vilified as well (Bay of Pigs comes to mind), before his untimely demise…

  • Aundrea Singer

    Ah. Well, I’ve only been living in the US since 2001, so I didn’t get to experience the animosity you mention first hand. Not to mention I was enjoying the idea that the two parties were able to get along at *some* point…

  • The Hitman

    How about the 1950s? I can’t recall any scandals/protests/mockery of Eisenhower, so let’s go with that…

    *cue posts disparaging Eisenhower*