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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

DC Collectibles Debuts Bombshell Batgirl Statue

So far, DC Collectibles have produced pin-up style “Bombshells” statues of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Now it’s Batgirl’s turn! The statue was designed by Ant Lucia and sculpted by Tim Miller. Hit the jump for a close-up! 

The bombshell statues run around $100 and it’s a good idea to pre-order them if you want one (I’ve got Poison Ivy reserved, myself). I’m predicting we’ll see this line cosplayed sooner rather than later.

(via NY Post)

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  • Fortyseven

    Whoa, sweet. :D

  • Adam Cross

    the steam/dieselpunk crowd will go to town on this

  • Sarah Brockman

    That corset design…. why did I never think of that?!

  • Curuniel

    Maybe it’s just a nostalgia thing, but this style of ‘pin-up’ is so much more appealing than most ‘sexy’ figures/art! I like it.

  • Anonymous

    … No comment? No comment.

  • Foxfire

    Dislike! Intensely. Argh, can’t stand that figure at all, not sure what is throwing me off aside from everything about it, but egads, I don’t find it attractive at all.

  • Hannele Kormano

    Maybe it’s because all of these poses have reasonable spines – not a brokeback in the bunch!