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Bloody Good Fun

Open Thread: Being Human – Lil’ Smokie

Ah! The plot! It thickens! 

Things are moving along at a good pace so far on Being Human this season. Care to discuss a few of these points and more from last night’s episode?

  • Aidan casually mentioning Josh’s sister is in rehab. What the hell, dude?
  • The Kenny reveal came a lot sooner in the season than I was expecting. That’s a good thing.  Disease was like an epic case of the chicken pox.
  • Side effect of Sally’s spell not being done? Josh senses are heightened and oh, he can almost change to the wolf at will. Handy yet annoying.
  • Donna is like a Jack-in-the-Box, you never know when she’s going to pop up. Is her recent banishment just another trick?
  • Sally’s talk of “global warning or a supervirus to liquify us.” Was that a Helix reference?
  • Sally and Nora discussing their domestic violence experiences and how different they turned out.
  • Kenny compels vampires? Uh oh, good thing he’s not using that talent for evil. Yet.
  • Susanna’s reveal as the vampire, vampire slayer also came sooner than expected. Not that Aidan’s going to tell anyone.
  • Sally has a time-travel quest!

So, what did you think of this week’s episode?

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  • Mike Chen

    I’m glad that Kenny had more of a story than just being out for power/revenge. And I love how the writers had Aiden cal him out on power/revenge tropes. Also, was it just me or did Susanna look like Michonne in that security footage?

  • J. Koby

    Between the vampires, Josh’s transforming and not sure if he’s a man or a beast, and the time travel, it’s starting to feel like an X-Men comic.

  • demoncat_4

    loved that just when it seems sally got her stuff together donna pops up to bring her back to reality Aiden knows sadly that another one close to him is going to pay a price for knowing him mostly sue as the hunter. josh love that he now has the wrinkle of thanks to sally he can change at will. no full moon needed

  • Brittany K

    I’m really loving the plots this season, and I’m really interested to see how these new vamps that Kenny mentioned act compared to the older ones like Bishop and Mother.

    Not so crazy about the throwaway line about Josh’s sister. I like her, and I wish she was on the show more often.

  • karina

    I love the American version of the show, aside from some random minor plot points that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I do have to say that I miss the original British version. I’m wondering if they are hinting at a story line similar to one in the British, but its a bit too soon to tell. If they are I’m hoping they will do it in a much better way…and I”m not sure about the new Vampire leader….but I’m loving our new resident vampire hunter.