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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It Came From Outer Space

Astronaut Talks About Why She Chose Long Hair in Space

Okay, we’ve been posting a lot about astronaut Cady Coleman and her role as a consultant on Alfonso Cuarón‘s Gravty, but really, when was the last time there was this much opportunity to share interviews and news stories about a female astronaut? Also there are some clips in here of Sandra Bullock being badass in the movie, so they’re pretty enjoyable too.

So just watch this and pretend that NASA isn’t being shut down today because of an intractable Congress.

(via Women in Space.)

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  • AnnaB

    That made me tear up, that she wanted to keep her hair long because she wanted it to scream “there is a woman in space” for girls. That just resonated with me. I wanted to be an astronaut so bad… (until I realized my brain couldn’t handle the physics and my body couldn’t handle the G-force).

  • TokenOfficeGoth

    I’m with Bullock on the no space, that face she’s making, pretty much exactly how I feel…I’m WAY too claustrophobic to think of doing such a thing.