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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Good News Everyone!

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation For Playstation Vita Will Feature A Female Protagonist

E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Exp0) is currently underway in Los Angeles. Lots of announcements are being made, some more exciting than others, but we’re interested in something just found in a magazine. Assassin’s Creed III is set for release this October but the Playstation Vita is getting a different version called Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation that features a female assassin named Aveline. Ok, you’ve piqued our interest.

The information was gleaned from the recent issue of Game Informer magazine. The user who sent in the information said, “the game is set in New Orleans between 1765 and 1780. Players take on the role of Aveline, a female Assassin. She’ll be mentored by Agate, an escaped slave. The weapons at her disposal include a machete, pistols and grenades.” She’s said to be of mixed French and African descent.

Now, Assassin’s Creed III is going to be set during the American Revolution and feature a man as usual. The new lead character is named Connor Kenway, but Liberation stars Aveline in the main role. “Because Liberation takes place in the same general time period as AC3, story connections are inevitable,” writes Cinema Blend. “At some point in the game, Aveline will cross paths with AC3‘s protagonist Connor. Desmond’s story isn’t related, though. Instead, someone else is using the Animus.”

As for the technical details, “It’s said you can explore all of New Orleans without encountering a loading screen. Players will be able to travel to the swamps outside the city, and even to Mexico. The Vita’s rear and touchpads will be utilized for pickpocketing. Some sort of multiplayer will be included as well.”

It’s cool that Ubisoft is creating almost an entire new game for the Vita but it’s a bummer that it’s only on the Vita. They had apparently considered a female protagonist for the main game but felt it didn’t fit the setting. Yes, well, that makes no sense if they are utilizing her in the same time period and setting on the Vita version. Not to mention these games are historical fiction and the Animus isn’t a real thing.

But I digress, it’s cool news and I know a few gamers who are going to be very excited to play as Aveline. I also know a few cosplayer/gamers who are going to love taking on her costume as well but that’s besides the point. Mass Effect’s FemShep went over fairly well with fans and I have a feeling Aveline will too.

(via Cinema Blend)

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  • Joanna

    No cleavage!!!  



  • ainok

     That’s the first thing I check for as well. I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Anon Ymous

    I hoped for Ancient Egypt, myself.

  • Riviera

    Very glad that I was preparing to buy a Vita anyway. :D

  • Nikki Lincoln

    Yay – I’m happy I bought a Vita!!! Now just to play the other AC games in the next couple of months…

  • Laura


  • Mia R.

    As a tan girl, it is nice to see some variety. Finally, a chick who doesn’t conform to the “Aryan beauty” standard! :D 

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even know what a Vita was until this article, but I don’t want one. I do want to play this game, though, because Aveline sounds awesome. Troubles!

  • Wolf

    Us fans have been asking for a female Assassin since Brotherhood.  Maybe eventually they’ll make her available for the PS3/360 instead of JUST the PSVita.

    Because, while I love the AC series dearly, I’m not buying a PSVita simply to play this game. I’m not that much of a diehard fan.

    A few lucky people got their hands on the July issue of GameInformer early-

  • Robin Burks

    Originally, didn’t the developer say that a female assassin during that time period would have been unrealistic? Did Ubisoft get a lot of backlash for those comments or was this the plan all along and that statement a sort of misdirection?

  • Ashe

    A…mixed race woman? Wearing a practical outfit? Starring in her own video game? Kicking all sorts of ass in Assassin’s Creed, no less?

    Even that piss-poor excuse about the realism of a female protagonist in another game (pffftttt) isn’t enough to break my stride. This is GREAT. I don’t even have a Vita and this is just great.

  • angelo yaquo

    i don’t really want to play as aveline is there any way i can get a connor skin to play as or even the regular assassin hood that’s used in almost all the games please reply

  • Howling

    Or you can just play the “main” AC3.

  • angelo yaquo

    whats the exclusive character skin that you get when you link ac3 ps3 and ac3 vita together

  • One-Man Arsenal

    They should’ve made her the main character in this AC3 or made a side game
    similar to what they did with brother hood and revelations. But you
    already know the reason they always front on a black or hispanic person
    taking star roles in things is because they’re racists. And why she has
    to have french in her why she can’t just be straight black. But it’s
    there game so they can do whatever they want.

  • One-Man Arsenal

    I think If not The Main Game they should give her a DLC for PS3/360 consols instead of the just the Vita. I find this a little racist, I would enjoy finally playing as an exotic character like this one more often. They need more Black and Hispanic Heroes as lead roles in games.

  • Shaneyah Galley

    Damn, if only this was available on PC/Xbox I’d be alllllllll over that!

  • Rubicante

    What did they do with Brotherhood and Revelations? There were no sidequests. You’re not really making much sense at all. They are racist because the game features a black protagonist but she’s not completely black? Her assassins heritage probably traces back to France or some other country. It makes more sense that she has mixed ethnicity.

  • Jessie Gonzales

    It’s nice to see a strong female character in a video game for once without her having a skimpy outfit. It’s rare that game designers show a female who’s strong and mysterious without shoving boobs in my face like I have the brain of a nine year old boy.

  • seth

    i love this game

  • seth

    i think that the graphics and just the vita in general is awesome. it was definately my moneys worth

  • seth

    dude. youve got it all wrong. seriously the vita is the coolest thing that i have ever owned. trust me, its awesome and definately your moneys worth

  • seth

    because of your mom

  • seth

    that sucks. you should get a vita….if you know what i mean

  • seth

    yes and that is good that you did because a vita is awesome. :)

  • seth

    i know exactly what you mean because i cant even figure out how to put the assassins hood on considering that i would rather play as the man
    no offence to the ladies…just i prefer to play as the guy

  • seth

    thankyou finally someone understand the pure beauty a game can hold rather than having all of these sexual editing crap

  • seth

    i think that having other races in you is cool. i dont think that i would much enjoy a pure black assassin. im not racist or anything, im just saying that its cool that there is a bit of french in her. i also love the game because its like grand theft auto but in the 1700′s

  • seth


  • LifeLessons

    Oh crap! I thought this was a PC Game. Damn. I may have to get a Vita…..