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Olden Lore

Some Jerk’s Going to Try to Subject Catwoman to Psychological Torture In The Taming of the Shrew

The Wrap is reporting that Anne Hathaway will be getting her Shakespeare on by starring in an adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew.

I request that you all take a short break right now to watch (or re-watch) the fan-made short Gotham High, which places a bunch of Batman characters—including Hathaway’s Catwoman—in high school. It uses the #1 Taming of the Shrew adaptation of my heart, 1999′s 10 Things I Hate About You, for much of its footage.

You done? Good. Let’s continue.

There’s not much we know about the film yet besides the fact that it will be set in mid-20th century Italy, Hathaway will star, Debra Hayward (Les Misérables, Love Actually) will produce, and Abi Morgan will write. Hathaway has me less excited than Morgan, who wrote Shame and The Iron Lady, both of which I still need to see, and BBC period drama The Hour, which I love. I hope that Morgan will cut out the rather wince-worthy “taming” and date rape-y aspects from the original play, like 10 Things did. It hasn’t exactly aged well.

Hathaway’s no stranger to the Bard, as she played Viola in Shakespeare in the Park’s version of Twelfth Night in 2009. She was also married to to the man himself. No, wait, that was a different person also named Anne Hathaway. Unless… time travel?

(via: Empire)

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  • Kate Howlett

    Vote for Anne to cameo as herself in a Dr. Who meets Shakespeare episode?

  • Anonymous

    But once you get rid of the bullying and date-rape-y bits, there’s hardly anything left after the first act….

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Alas, there already was one, and they missed that opportunity. I almost want to go photoshop her in the background of a screencap now…

  • Betsy


  • Alexis the Unicorn

    I’ve just imagined Anne Hathaway sneaking back in time a few years later via Doctor Who’s time machine and getting stuck in the past only to marry Shakespeare and becoming the Anne Hathaway of the past, who little is actually known about. That would be so cool! In a completely depressing way because there would be no more movie’s with her in them and that would be tragic in it’s own right, but still! This needs to be a Doctor Who episode!

  • RMCoyote

    Nnngg. Not sure how I feel about this.

    Taming of the Shrew is one of my favorite plays, but I fully realize how horribly problematic and sexist it is. It’s one of those plays I think should be studied in a “Oh, and this is a funny play with quippy dialogue that shows us how horribly, sickeningly sexist people were back then!” way.

    I mean, some interpretations make it… slightly better. But I am just thinking they should have tried to do another one.

  • Brenda/Lysana/either

    What is really frustrating is it’s some of Will’s best dialogue. One of the funniest scenes he ever wrote is the wordplay between Kate and Petruchio on their first meeting.

    The only way I can look at that play and accept what happened between them is that Petruchio realizes during their repartee that not only is she gorgeous, but she’s smarter than he is and they both think the usual way of doing things is a load of horse hockey. He decides the one way to get through to her that he wants her to join him in freaking out the world is to yank her chain as hard as he can because more conventional approaches will fail. The last straw in his attempts is lying to her about what color the sky is. That’s when the penny drops and she realizes he’s been fucking with her in order to get her to join him in screwing with everyone else. And the best way to do that is to treat him like every word he says is gold, especially in front of her family. Nobody would ever expect it of her. Of course, I don’t think that’s what Shakespeare intended, but the Bard’s always been open to interpretation.

  • Mark Meredith

    Wait… you hope they change the script of a play by Shakespeare?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Yep. I’m guessing they will anyways, because it’s set more modern-day. (Well, mid-20th century). There are so many Shakespeare adaps out there already that if you’re not going to provide something of a unique vision (by changing the setting, altering the story—you have to admit, some of the stuff in Taming is scary sexist—etc.), then what’s the point of making it?