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Great Hera!

Alex Kingston Joins Arrow, Could be the Original Black Canary?

Arrow isn’t a great show by any stretch of the imagination, but I respect it for what it’s trying to do and have some hopes that eventually it will succeed. And let’s be real: I also enjoy the near constant references to obscure facets of the DC universe and it’s liberal borrowing from the Batman canon for villains and supporting characters. It’s those bits that keep the nerd in me casually watching it in the background of my other activities.

With the addition of Alex Kingston to the cast, however, the show’s going to pique the interest of an entirely different fandom.

Alex Kingston, the actress who plays River Song when she’s in the Doctor Who universe, will join the cast as the second transplant from the BBC show. The first was John Barrowman, formerly Captain Jack Harkness, now in Arrow recurring villain Malcolm Merlyn. But comic fans should have just as much to get excited about as Whovians.

Kingston will be playing Dinah Lance, the mother of the show’s Dinah “Laurel” Lance, who became estranged from the family after her younger daughter died in the same boating “accident” that left Oliver Queen stranded on his formative island. That is, Kingston will be playing a character who greatly resembles the original Black Canary, mother of the currently more well known modern version of the character. (For some possibly more relevant thematic reference, Black Canary is one of the characters who Alan Moore‘s Silk Spectre was meant to imitate.) In comics, when Dinah Drake eventually settled down, it was to marry a detective whose surname was Lance, much like the show’s Quentin Lance, Laurel’s policeman father.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “later this season Dinah will return to Starling City to make amends with her family.” One can’t help but wonder what she’s been doing in those five years away, and whether it will have some effect on Laurel’s current status as, you know, not a buttkicking vigilante yet.

(via Entertainment Weekly.)

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  • Pat William

    Technically Alex Kingston will be the third Dr Who transplant. John Barrowman was actually the second; and Colin Salmon, (who plays Walter Steele,) was the first. Salmon played Dr. Moon on Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead.

    Coincidentally these were Kingston’s first episodes as River Song.

  • Anonymous

    Now Arthur Davrill as Resurrection Man!

  • Captain ZADL

    I’ve been watching Arrow as a thing with The Girl™. She’s nerdy, but not really that nerdy, so it’s a good show to kind of interest her in superhero stories, and it works for that. I hope it gets better as it goes.

  • Kim Kouski

    It’s going to be so very hard to watch Alex on Arrow. All I see when I watch her is her saying to the Doctor, ‘Not those times, don’t you dare . . . You watch us run’ and I cry. It will be so hard seeing her and knowing the sacrifice. Oh Steven Moffet, you’ve ruined us all.

  • Anonymous

    One “Hello, Sweetie” is all I ask!

  • Anonymous

    My comment just proved your comment as fact.

  • Life Lessons

    Oh God/Dess please yes!! Let Alex be Black Canary and be her awesome self!

  • Anonymous

    And Dr. Who nerddom saves the day!

  • James Hannan

    I would be so excited if it wasn’t for the fact that this Arrow with its wretched writing and directing, so that killed it. Even John Barrowman has difficulties in giving his best with such crap.

  • Anonymous

    How mileages can vary. I genuinely find the show surprisingly good, if a bit soapy at times.

  • Deborah Bryant

    I hope this doesn’t mean Alex is leaving “Doctor Who.” I really enjoy her River Song.

  • Alice Dranger

    How exciting! I love Alex Kingston! She’s really right for the role, I think. I think it’s a little more suited to her than river song was. And yay for arrow for giving me they many cross overs that will abound in my head.

  • Bad Wolf Jen

    LOL, good point.

  • Bad Wolf Jen

    All I want is one seen with John and Alex together. Then I can pretend that it’s River and Jack meeting.

  • Doug Masters

    Not a great show you are full of it then why did it get picked up for a 2nd season, if you watched the episode you will know that it will be sarah who becomes the Black Canary you PUTZ.

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever READ a comic book? I agree the writing, directing, and acting suffers at times, but that almost makes it more authentic…