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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It is a gift!

On the Off Chance That You’re Not Excited About Agents of SHIELD Yet, This Promo Will Probably Do the Trick

Unlike previous Agents of SHIELD promos, this one gives us a longer look (a full six minutes!) of the AoSHIELD team chatting about what makes their characters, and the show at large, awesome. I for one was already convinced of that, but now I’m super-convinced.

Also: I see you in that clip there, Agent Hill. I see you.

(via: SuperHeroHype)

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  • Thomas Hayes

    Wow, somehow I missed that there were British people in the cast, let alone two, and using their real accents as well. Cool. Joss must really like us or something. That said the casting draws for me here are Gregg (obviously) and Wen, who I’ve liked on TV before.

  • Tomb Svalborg

    Guess what! They are playing scientists.

  • Tomb Svalborg

    Not gonna watch this. I wanna be a little bit surprised and I kinda feel they are releasing to much promos right now. :’)

  • Robin S

    Anyone else getting a Torchwood vibe from this? Skilled team investigates and covers up strange phenomena?

  • Ken Kirsch

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  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Eh….I confess, even with this, I am not really excited for agents of shield….Weadon has gone so far out of his way to stress that this wont be a superhero tv show, that we wont be seeing superpowers popping up every week and that it will be just a bunch of completely mundane human characters….That I am not at all interested in the show.

    Pilots tend to be larger budget than the series proper so the whole super strength guy could be a one time thing…

    Plus, it feels less like its own show to me and more like someone had a shelfed script for a haven/torchwood/x-files/men in black rip-off and simply tweaked elements to suit the current situation.

    I will definitely catch it when it airs for the first time, but my expectations are pretty low.

  • Angry And Yellow

    Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Still not excited.

  • Jake Brown

    In the middle of watching this I realized I was smiling, if that’s not a indication I’m going to like this show I don’t know what is.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever they are paying Gregg he’s worth double! He is so good selling this series with enthusiasm and energy.

  • Nirali

    Torchwood, but better.

  • Anonymous

    “I think there’s a level of action and special effects that I’ve never seen on television.”

    Mr. Gregg, have you ever watched Game of Thrones?

    Still, I’m very excited for this show; it seems like, at the least, it should be a lot of fun. Really hoping it beats out NCIS in its timeslot (that show has invoked the Patriot Act and Gitmo one too many times for me to continue to tolerate it).