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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh Mah Glob Guys

It’s Sunday Morning; Have Some Adventure Time Pancakes [VIDEO]

I still haven’t watched Adventure Time (I’m waiting for it to come to Netflix later this month), but I love pancakes. Making them has been something of an obsession of mine since I was a wee nerd. So I was kind of gobsmacked watching this video of Mexico City-based pancake artist/wizard Rogelio casually making Adventure Time pancakes while chatting with customers like making glob-darned edible art in the shape of Jake and Finn ain’t even no thing.

PS: Bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes. Take some bacon and I’ll put it in a pancake.

(via: Neatorama)

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  • Luna Carya

    XD that Jake was great!
    But the really funny stuff is the talk the cook’s having with the clients! Of course he had to be Mexican!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    What’s he saying? It’s been ten years for me since high school Spanish.

  • Luna Carya

    It’s quite the chat…

    Cook: OK Sergio, a Jake dog for you.
    And what will you want? Something for kids or for adults?

    Female Client: Adults…

    C: Should I make a portrait of him? Is he your friend or your boyfriend?

    FC: My husband!

    C: Well, today you can eat him without problem! Would you like that?

    FC: Well, yes.

    C: What’s your name? [finishing the Jake pancake]

    FC: Liz.

    C: Liz? Check this out Liz. The trip is worth it. [begins the guy pancake] Here’s the curly hair… messy curls… big eyebrows… big eyebrows! Liz, right? Here’s the L for Liz [When he draws the L on the Jake pancake]
    [going back to the guy pancake] Eyes, nose and mouth. The mustache that tickles her. How do you want him Liz? Sexy? Strong?

    Male Client (Sergio): [to Liz] Wait, wait!

    C: Is she desperate or what? When did you arrive from Spain?

    Sergio: Three weeks ago.

    C: And you have Liz desperate, how awful! Do you want him sexy, strong… or horny?

    Male Client 2: Come on Liz, come on!

    Liz: [giggling embarrassed] Horny…

    C: What are you? Uncles, friends or parents?

    L: Parents.

    C: Tell them you’re an adult Liz! [flips the Jake pancake]
    Check this out… [continues with the guy pancake] Round butt, nice arms… And why are you so serious?

    Male Client 3: [laughs]

    C: He’s the brother for sure. Are you the brother?

    L: Yeah.

    C: [back to the guy pancake] Liz, you want him well equipped, right?

    MC3: Yes, yes!

    [All laugh]

    C: You tell me when… [pours the mix]

    L: There. There!

    C: Wooow, Liz!
    How long you’ve been married Liz?

    L: Almost seven…

    C: Seven what? Seven months or…

    L: Years, years!

    S: Days!

    C: Oh, great! Seven days!

    L: They’ve been like seven days.

    C: Liz, do you like marshmallows? Here goes one marshmallow. How many are them?

    L: Two. [giggles]

    C: Two marshmallows! And so, what was his name?

    L: Sergio.

    C: The S for Sergio… Oh Sergio, and you asking for a dog! Aw, Sergio! This is for you! [serves the Jake pancake]

  • DaftWarhol

    I’m disappointed! I was looking forward to seeing the end product of the dong pancake :P