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Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Downton Abbey, Netflix Clean Up With Emmy Nominations

The nominations for the 2013 Emmys, taking place September 22nd, were announced this morning, and boy-oh-boy, is Netflix feeling really good about itself right now.

Check out our assessment of the nominations after the jump, plus a handy-dandy list of the nominees in categories Relevant to Our Interests (Dramas, Comedies, and Miniseries for the heck of it. No reality shows. You know what we’re about.) after the jump.

We all know big awards shows don’t tend to have heavy genre representation, so I was very pleased to see that American Horror Story: Asylum and Game of Thrones got the most noms, 17 and 16 respectively. For Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage picked up a nomination (predictably so—blood would be shed if it were otherwise!), as did Emilia Clarke and Diana Rigg (yes); the show also got nods for Best Drama Series and Best Writing and Directing, both for “The Rains of Castamere.” Personally, I’d have liked to see Lena Headey get recognized for her amazing work as Cersei this season, but you can’t have everything.

Elsewhere in geek interest, Downton Abbey picked up 12 nominations, including those for Dame Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, and Best Drama. Bandersnatch Cummerbund Benedict Cumberbatch picked up a nod for the miniseries Parade’s End and Sigourney Weaver (heck yeah Sigourney Weaver) did a well for the now-cancelled Political Animals.

The big story of the day belongs to Netflix, though, which picked up 14 Emmy nominations total for House of Cards (nine noms, including Best Drama Series, Best Lead Actor, and Best Lead Actress), Arrested Development (three, including Best Comedy Series and Best Lead Actor), and werewolf drama Hemlock Grove, which scored two noms. It’s the first time Netflix’s gotten Emmy nominations for the pure and simple reason that House of Cards was its first show. The Emmys have been skewing away from network cable for years, to the point that at last year’s Emmys there was only one non-cable program nominated for Best Show in either drama or comedy. (That was Modern Family, and it’s cleaned up again this year, getting approximately ten billion acting nominations. I don’t care, I’m still not watching.)

Netflix, network TV, basic cable, premium cable… in the end it doesn’t really matter when it comes to Emmy noms, as the best shows should be nominated regardless of network. Should. Which brings us to the obligatory portion of any awards show nomination article where we talk about snubs.

Where is Hannibal? I wasn’t honestly expecting it to get any nominations, but it sure as heck deserves them. Its ratings may not be great, but the acting—Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Caroline Dhavernas, pretty much everyone—is stellar. At least give Eddie Izzard a guest actor nod, c’mon. And no list of snubs would be complete without a mention of Tatiana Maslany, who plays seven roles on Orphan Black. I haven’t gotten around to watching the show yet, but Jill and Izzy tell me her not getting the nom is a travesty of the highest order, and I trust their taste.

And, not to get too negative, but… I’m kind of confused by all the Downton nominations, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show. But it’s more soap opera than Emmy fodder. It’s like Emmy voters heard the British accents and something switched on in their brains. (In that case, again, y u no recognize Tatiana Maslany?)

On to the list. Head over yonder for a PDF of the whole thing. All 43 pages of it.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey
Damian Lewis, Homeland
Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel
Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey
Claire Danes, Homeland
Robin Wright, House of Cards
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men
Kerry Washington, Scandal

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or a Movie
Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra
Matt Damon, Behind the Candelabra
Toby Jones, The Girl
Benedict Cumberbatch, Parade’s End
Al Pacino, Phil Spector

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or a Movie
Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Asylum
Laura Linney, The Big C: Hereafter
Helen Mirren, Phil Spector
Sigourney Weaver, Political Animals
Elisabeth Moss, Top Of The Lake

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series
Jason Bateman, Arrested Development
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Matt LeBlanc, Episodes
Don Cheadle, House of Lies
Louis C.K., Louie
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series
Laura Dern, Enlightened
Lena Dunham, Girls
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation
Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

Outstanding Miniseries Or Movie
American Horror Story: Asylum
Behind the Candelabra
The Bible
Phil Spector
Political Animals
Top Of The Lake

Outstanding Comedy Series
The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
30 Rock

Outstanding Drama Series
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House Of Cards
Mad Men

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Bobby Cannavale, Boardwalk Empire
Jonathan Banks, Breaking Bad
Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
Jim Carter, Downton Abbey
Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
Mandy Patinkin, Homeland

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad
Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones
Christine Baranski, The Good Wife
Morena Baccarin, Homeland
Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

Outstanding Guest Actor In a Drama Series
Nathan Lane, The Good Wife
Michael J. Fox, The Good Wife
Rupert Friend, Homeland
Robert Morse, Mad Men
Harry Hamlin, Mad Men
Dan Bucatinsky, Scandal

Outstanding Guest Actress In a Drama Series
Margo Martindale, The Americans
Diana Rigg, Game of Thrones
Carrie Preston, The Good Wife
Linda Cardellini, Mad Men
Jane Fonda, The Newsroom
Joan Cusack, Shameless

Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series
Breaking Bad, Dead Freight
Breaking Bad, Say My Name
Downton Abbey, Episode 4
Game of Thrones, The Rains of Castamere
Hoemeland, Q&A

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series
Boardwalk Empire, Margate Sands
Breaking Bad, Gliding Over All
Downton Abbey, Episode 4
Homeland, Q&A
House of Cards, Chapter 1

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
Adam Driver, Girls
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family
Ed O’Neill, Modern Family
Ty Burrell, Modern Family
Bill Hader, Saturday Night Live
Tony Hale, Veep

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series
Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
Jane Lynch, Glee
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
Julie Bowen, Modern Family
Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie
Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock
Anna Chlumsky, Veep

Outstanding Guest Actor In a Comedy Series
Bob Newhart, The Big Bang Theory
Nathan Lane, Modern Family
Bobby Cannavale, Nurse Jackie
Loius C.K., Saturday Night Live
Justin Timberlake, Saturday Night Live
Will Forte, 30 Rock

Outstanding Guest Actress In a Comedy Series
Molly Shannon, Enlightened
Dot-Marie Jones, Glee
Melissa Leo, Louie
Melissa McCarthy, Saturday Night Live
Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live
Elaine Stritch, 30 Rock

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series
Episodes, Episode 209
Louie, Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 1)
The Office, Finale
30 Rock, Hogcock!
30 Rock, Last Lunch

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series
Girls, On All Fours
Glee, Diva
Louie, New Year’s Eve
Modern Family, Arrested
30 Rock, Hogcock!

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie
James Cromwell, American Horror Story: Asylum
Zachary Quinto, American Horror Story: Asylum
Scott Bakula, Behind the Candelabra
John Benjamin Hickey, The Big C: Hereafter
Peter Mullan, Top Of The Lake

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie
Sarah Paulson, American Horror Story: Asylum
Imelda Staunton, The Girl
Ellen Burstyn, Political Animals
Charlotte Rampling, Restless
Alfre Woodard, Steel Magnolias

Outstanding Writing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special
Behind the Candelabra
The Hour
Parade’s End
Phil Spector
Top Of The Lake

Outstanding Directing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special
Behind the Candelabra
The Girl
Phil Spector
Ring of Fire
Top Of The Lake

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  • K. Cox

    I was really rooting for Tatiana Maslany. Even if the Academy does ignore any show that might have half a whiff of science fiction about it. Bah.

  • decibell

    I DON’T SEE ANY MICHELLE FAIRLEY. (╯°□°)╯︵ sʎɯɯǝ

    Also, confused as to why Hannibal would be left entirely out, am I missing something? It just seems like a glaring omission.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I know Mads Mikkelsen said he’d be surprised if it wasn’t nominated… I guess because of low ratings? But I agree with you 100%. It’s one of the best shows on TV right now. I guess if you’re cancelled the Emmys will nominated you, but not if you just have low ratings. Pssht.

  • Fisty

    To think the books I read in college back in 99 would be made into a show so great and receive so many oscar nominations is a dream come true. So happy the world gets to enjoy a bit of fantasy without it being looked down upon as fluff.

  • sharmylae

    jessica lange forever!

  • Anonymous

    It IS a tragedy of the highest order! Everyone should go watch Orphan Black right now! The fact that everyone has their favorite character is a testament to Maslany’s acting skill. They are all so different, from their personalities, to their voices, to the way they carry themselves. I would easily believe that Maslany is actually 7 sisters who are just pulling the wool over our eyes, it’s that great.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    As awful as it is that it got shut out, I’m just happy we’re getting a second season.

  • N J Mix

    I am nerdraging over Lena Headey and Michelle Fairley being skipped but happy for Peter, Diana, and especially Emilia for her first nom. WHERE ARE MY EMMYS?

    I’m also heartened to see Morena Baccarin get some emmy love.

  • Tallulah Alice Mae


    Now it’s possible I’ve just been given all the wrong impressions because I’ve only seen 10 minutes here and there, but it really didn’t impress me (let alone enough for constant Emmy nods) and my friends assure me it’s basically just a soap opera.

    WHY when you could Hannibal, Fringe, COMEON..

  • tetisheri

    Tati has done more acting for her series than some of these other people. Seriously, she deserves at least one piddling Emmy nom for that.

  • Mina

    Downton Abbey is really wonderful. Very well cast, very well written, fabulous wardrobe design. But I freely admit that you do kind of have to be a lover of period pieces full of scandal in order to really enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

    Hannibal was in a rough position. It’s not just a network television show, but a network television show nobody watches. As they’re becoming increasingly biased towards “edgy” cable dramas on channels like HBO and AMC, a low-rated show on NBC is going to be well under the radar.

    I hope Kerry Washington wins, BTW. She kills on Scandal.

  • Colleen

    Parks and Rec wiped the floor with Modern Family this season (and all seasons, lbr), but the Emmys likes to play it fairly safe with their Comedy noms. Modern Family, Big Bang Theory will always get the noms as long as they are on while P&R, Community get overlooked as they aren’t as accessible.

  • Anonymous

    “And, not to get too negative, but… I’m kind of confused by all the Downton
    nominations, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show. But
    it’s more soap opera than Emmy fodder. It’s like Emmy voters heard the
    British accents and something switched on in their brains.”

    Agree 100%. And I loves me some Downton Abbey. But it is just not in the category of shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Homeland, and House of Cards when it comes to overall quality (and, yes, I intentionally left Game of Thrones off that list).

    Tatiana Maslany and Lena Headey are the only real “snubs” that come to mind for me – even though I hate the whole culture of “snubs.” Not everyone can get nominated so there will be plenty of great shows and actors that won’t get recognized.

  • funkygourmet

    While I completely understand why hou’d leave reality shows off yournlist, it is worth noting that Mythbusters got a nod again this year. Figured that was up the Mary Sue’s alley :)

  • Anonymous

    Orphan Black is great, but in Tatiana Maslany’s absence Jessica Lange deserves something. Her character in AHS went through just about everything and she was brilliant at every moment.

    I still know nothing about Downton Abbey. It’s continued popularity is a mystery.

  • Aeryl

    I’m still trying to figure out why it’s considered so geeky? It’s set in like 1910 England, right? What’s so geeky about that?

    Or is it because it has a lot of genre actors and actresses in it?

  • John W

    Can’t believe Maslany did not get nominated.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    It’s an Anglophile thing.

  • Dessa Brewington

    ER was soapy too, and it picked up a ton of noms back in its heyday. As long as a show is good, and Downton is good, it shouldn’t matter if it’s a soap or another genre.

    My argument against Downton’s getting many noms this season is that the events of series 3 are total bunk, and they have dampened my enthusiasm for future seasons (but I’ll still watch, who am I kidding?).

  • Aeryl

    YMMV, of course, but I was like “Not enough spandex or space ships for geeky”

    I like upstairs/downstairs stuff, so I’ll eventually give it a shot. I’m just glad Maggie Smith’s still working, I LOVE HER!

  • Sarah

    It was quite rude of the Emmy’s to not have an Hannibal nominated.

  • Lapin

    Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen deserved nominations- they were phenomenal. Hannibal has already risen to ‘one of my favorite shows EVER’ status, and definitely in part due to its wonderful cast.

    Also, I would’ve liked to have seen Sophie Turner with a nomination. I thought she killed it this year. Michelle Fairley, too.

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited to see Top of the Lake get so many nods. Jane Campion is AMAZING. I think it’s still streaming on Netflix, so y’all should go watch it right now!

  • Brian

    I just call it “Fancy Gossip Girl”. And I LOVE IT.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that was a boring Killing wannabe really. Some good acting but for the most part, nothing but fake ambiance.

  • Anonymous

    ER was from another century. It was nominated when cable shows still had their own awards. It would never get a nomination now, not anymore than Grey’s Anatomy does. So why would Downton? Because it’s British?

  • Anonymous

    Downton Abbey has to go! It was a guilty pleasure in season 1, now it’s a hopeless soap and the acting gets worse as the writing goes down the drain.

    Gutted about Maslany. Not that I was truly expecting it. Took 4 years for the Emmys to catch up when Xfiles was on. They waited until it had gone mainstream to take a look.

    Lena Headey will never get a nomination, I’m afraid. The excellent GOT cast is doomed to be snubbed; not only because of the genre, but also because they are all so good, with no clear leads, that they cancel each other out. Clarke is only getting nominated now, as a supporting, like Dinklage, because her character is emerging as lead-ish through the arc this season.

  • Mina

    Well, Grey’s has actually gotten a respectable number of nominations. Not like a TON, but it does get nominated for SOMETHING almost every year.

  • Anonymous

    Well, one is a standard crime procedural with delusions of grandeur. And the other is a serious critique of the genre and of rape culture by one of the best directors of our time…but to each their own! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Not this year. And not for a long time with anything that mattered, like writing, directing, lead acting, and never for best drama. The attention on Downton is a little over the top. It was fun in season 1 before they got too big for their breeches but it’s gone down the tube with over the top drama and soap storylines. It’s not in the same league as the other nominees. They didn’t dare nominate Scandal, another soap, for best Drama or writing or anything besides acting (which is bad enough) but they nominate Downton. Why?

  • Anonymous

    lol yeah obviously we don’t have the same opinion about what makes great tv.

  • BabeWoreRed

    NCW?! No NC Motherfucking W? For real?
    Coster-Waldau gave a much stronger performance this season than Dinklage, Tyrion wasn’t on-screen much and when he wasn’t given much to do. By comparison, we all went from wanting to throw Jamie to the wolves, to actually rooting for the guy…

  • Dessa Brewington

    ER was flat out better than Greys in its first couple seasons. It wouldn’t get anything now because other shows have emulated it to such an extent that all the glossy freshness of it would look old.

    But make no mistake: back when it came out, it was as good as any cable show not by George R.R. Martin.

  • Sara

    Im not sure about Hannibal, mainly because I havent sat down to watch it yet…but if it is as good as I have been hearing, the snub would be something I would be use to because Im a fan of Supernatural. Some of the very best actors and story telling are on that show and they have never gotten nominated. It sucks but such is the nature of the beast.

  • Anonymous

    I can believe that. The Emmys are a bit of a popularity contest; if it weren’t for TMS, I would never have heard of Hannibal.

  • Mina

    But cuff links are WONDERFUL!!!!


    Yeah, that’s kind of what I mean. You either love all that period drama mumbo jumbo or you don’t. You do not, it seems, which is just fine. At least you gave the show a shot.