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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Power Grid

10 Places You Should Not Take Your Daughter On Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Allow Us to Explain

Allow Us to Explain

We are all about Take Your Daughter to Work Day (or, as it is now known, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day). In a time when it’s a struggle just to get people to acknowledge that something needs to be done about the underrepresentation of women in the sciences, academics, and business, it’s super important to remind young girls that no matter what they’re interested in, and no matter how “feminine” (or not) it is, they can totally do that when they grow up.

So this Thursday, April 28th, 2011, take your son or daughter to work with you.

… but not if your boss is a religous zealot, your coworkers are notoriously and fatally untrustworthy, or if devastating scientific accidents happen on a semi-weekly basis. In other words, but not if you work in any of the following places.

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  • bluebela

    An added disadvantage to taking your daughter to work at Venture Industries is that the only females Hank and Dean have had real human contact with are the mail lady, Mol, and Triana.

  • Emma Jones

    Eh, there is also their maybe-mom, what’s-her-face… the crazy latex cat lady. But that doesn’t seem to help the situation whatsoever, haha.

    God, I love that show.

  • Really_rather_not_nice

    What no Fringe Division?

  • Phil Sowers

    Title text differs from Gizmonic Institute in the article (Gizmotic). Trust me, I’m an Alien. ;)

  • Rebecca Roberts

    You forgot Veridian Dynamics where their on-site daycare puts children to work painting the lines in the parking lot and emptying the trash. Now that’s a BYDtWD that we can all get behind!

    “Veridian Dynamics. Teamwork: it’s a beautiful thing. In business, it means working together for a common goal. X-rays show that when people work together, they’re happier and less likely to do something weird. Veridian Dynamics. Teamwork. It keeps our employees gruntled.”

  • The Geekery

    I can see the Death Star being first on the list, but I am sorry, Aperture Science is the second worse place to take your daughter to work, especially on Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work Day. That’s just asking to volunteer your daughter to be in Aperture experiments.

  • The Geekery

    Is that from Better off Ted?

  • jodief1

    How about bringing your offspring and heir with you on a suicide mission to fight off a million Persians before they invade Greece? It didn’t work so well for the Captain and Stelios.

  • Michael Cerulli Billingsley

    It may have long receded in memory, but that’s only because they WANTED it that way. I’d keep my kid clear of YoYoDyne Industries as well. Dr. Lizardo has a thing about being annoyed by females and anyone who insists upon having his or her name pronounced correctly. Not a very good “thing” – and his version of being annoyed can lead to horrific sessions in the Shock Tower or being strapped down to have one’s face eaten by a… well, I’m not quite sure, but it made a horrible noise when disrupted from its intended task.

  • Anonymous

    The USS Enterprise is not a great place to bring your daughter to work, especially when fighting Khan, Shinzon, or Nero.

  • mittbabysqueak

    the hub from the original torchwood.  

  • Aine

    There aren’t any toilets either

  • Neville Ross

    Actually, yes, there are, acciording to most of the various plans made for the Enterprise over the years.

  • C’est Dérobé

    Mike was a temp.