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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

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10 Bits of Norse Myth You Probably Won’t See in Thor

Allow Us to Explain

Allow Us to Explain

The problem with Norse mythology is that no one really knows that much about it. Most of what we do know was written down by Christian scholars hundreds of years after Wotan’s faith was a functioning religion, and so we’ve got a long time of hearsay and the biases of a bunch of monks standing between us and what actually went on back then.

Which is probably what makes Norse mythology such fertile ground for things like the Marvel universe. The plot holes are so big you could drive a goat-drawn chariot through, and so nobody will get real mad if you leave out some stories that aren’t quite kid (or sanity) friendly.

But that doesn’t mean those stories aren’t super entertaining, so here are ten aspects of Norse mythology that we’re not likely to see in Thor this weekend. And if we do… well, that’s going to super awesome to watch.

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  • Edcedc8

    the horse is in the movie.
    and we don’t know what happened at the bar,maybe there was a 900 headed chick in the basement.
    and there is boar eating.

  • Scott Mccormick

    Love it,thanks

  • Vic Horsham

    I love the Norse stories. My other half is loosely Heathen (although most other Heathens would probably call him a Playgan) and he woo’d me by narrating the sagas and eddas to my whilst deepy intoxicated.

  • Anonymous

    Those biased monks basically saved those myths from obscurity. What dicks.

  • Katie Stein

    I know all of these myths :)
    I’m a HUGE Norse myth buff, so this Thor movie will irk me a bit with inaccuracies to the myths (just like the comics did). However, I look forward to the film. I just hope I can get over Thor being subjected to “superhero” titles over the title of GOD.

  • Anonymous

    Man, now if Anthony Hopkins doesn’t say “I’mma ride that thing ALL OVER”, the movie will be a complete failure to me.

  • Lauren

    Love the implication that Thor eats the chariot, not the goats :3

  • Anonymous

    Mythological gods, be they Norse, Greek, Native American, Indian…have a LOT in common with each other, however the one thing that they most blatantly share is their human characteristics.

    They lie, cheat, rape, kill, drink and pillage..abuse others and thats just between them ! I won’t even bother going into what they do to poor mortals.

    They were basically immortal beings (men women and animals) with superpowers..and they were real JERKS for the most part.

    I do want to see the whole “you are a troll” thing that Thor has got going on with Hulk as well as the U.S. military spazzing out to these two and nuking the hell out of them (to no avail)., but it’s doubtful that that will happen in this movie…

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually the most upset that we don’t get to see Thor kicking ass in a dress and “fabulous jewels”.

  • Julie Jensen

    Actually, in regards to the builder of the wall around Valhalla (yes, I am a Nordic Mythology geek). The gods demands that Loki fix it when it looks like the builder it going to make his deadline. Loki turns into a horse and seduces the builder’s horse – getting pregnant in the process and later giving birth to Sleipner (Odin’s eight-legged horse). Thus the giant does not meat his deadline, when he complains Thor kills him XD The gods are so very fair and good natured – hmmmyes.

  • NunShallPass

    ….I need a book of Norse mythology RIGHT THIS SECOND.

  • LokIago

    Mild correction to be made. The building of the wall around Asgard was successfully sabotaged by Loki. He turned himself into a mare and seduced the other horse away, thus keeping the job from being finished. When Loki got knocked up from this encounter (yes, I know), he gave birth to Slepnir, Odin’s 8-legged horse.

  • LokIago

    And that’s what I get for not reading ahead. Shutting up now. IGNORE ME!

  • Misora27

    Wait till they make the Avengers movie. :3

  • Spyke

    This is why I love Norse mythology. Viking dudes were keeping it real.

  • Anonymous

    For what? That plot-line belongs in The Avengers

  • SuperBunny

    Not surprising that the movie left out Thor’s cross-dressing adventures, since it left out Loki’s gender-switchin’, birth-givin’, inter-species lovin’ and so on.

    This article -

    - talks about the director’s relationship (or lack of one) to these sorts of issues in Norse myth.

  • Shania

    Why is number two NOT in the movie? It’s seriously the most awesome thing I’ve heard all week.

  • Jason W. Rye

    Pretty sure all of Loki’s “children” are still his in the Marvel cannon, with Hel being the most prominent. 

  • Abel Undercity

    In a surprising turn of events, he then took them on a magical adventure into giant land, entered a drinking contest, failed to lift a cat in a feat of strength, and lost a wresting match against old woman.

    This story really deserved its own entry. It’s a lulu.

  • Matthew Heim

    To be fair, the old woman that Thor loses the wresting match to is actually time and the cat is the world serpent (disguised by the giant king, Utgarda-Loki)

  • Life Lessons

    Actually, I believe that Freyja gets first pick of the dead. Afterall she is the ruler of Valkyries. :) Send me to Folkvangr please!

    Plus I agree, we need to see Thor in a dress with Loki helping him. Even if it is a flashback.

  • Christa Van

    agreed. Bro-story ALL over that. (I.e., this totally happens in frats, srsly)

  • Neville Ross

    No, we don’t

    If the next Thor movie is too hetronormative for you, perhaps you can watch a movie that’s more to your liking.

  • Neil

    Making a person click through multiple pages to see each image is stupid and annoying. I stopped at #2. F**k you and your ad clicks.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    I would pay SOOOOO much money to see Hemswortnand Hiddleston act out the Thrymskvitha.

  • Anonymous


  • JoyfullJuneBug

    “That night, when sexy mare Loki appeared from the forest, Svaðilfari went crazy, tore his traces, and chased Loki all night. Then he caught Loki. I hope I don’t have to explain what happened next.”

    What? What happened next… tell us? ROLF though the Olympians were freaky gods. I think the Norse gods were even worse XD

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    CANNOT BELIEVE you skipped the part where Loki seduces the horse. And gets himself knocked up.

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    never mind

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    they got me too bro.

  • Anonymous

    Then in Season 2 of ‘Due Norse’:
    Thor finally arrives and tells Loki to shut up or get out. Loki chooses
    the latter, after implying that Thor is a coward and reminding him of
    that time he lost at wrestling to an old woman and couldn’t lift a cat.

  • ToTripoli

    Well… it IS Thor.
    Not the brightest Aesir in the box, that one.

  • ToTripoli

    If your masculinity is threatened by a humorous scene of a space Viking in a dress, then you have some issues to address.

  • ToTripoli

    That’s the only proper way to narrate them, actually.

  • Madeleine Odowichuk

    They did mention that. They just made it a two-parter because that story is weird and wonderful for a few reasons. Thing is, it’s never said in the story whether Loki was caught by the stallion on purpose, only that he led Svadilfari on a merry chase into the woods, Svadilfari didn’t return to the mason until the following day, and that Loki showed up several months later with a colt in tow. It’s never said whether or not Loki meant to be caught, but considering he swore to make sure the builder would lose his wager “no matter what it costs me”….

  • Diaspora

    I was JUST about to say something about this; so glad I looked at the comments instead!

  • Nerdsamwich

    Forgot to mention that Loki’s daughter Hel is half zombie. Not sure which half, but I think it’s the lower.

  • Nerdsamwich

    Also unfortunately left out out is when Loki heavily implies that he slept with Thor’s wife, then cut off all her hair.