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Zynga Accused of Street Vandalism in San Francisco

Usually the only wall that you could accuse Zynga, the makers of Farmville, of mucking up is a Facebook wall, a decidedly virtual piece of architecture.  But the San Francisco City Attorney’s office has accused Zynga of committing “documented acts of sidewalk vandalism” by gluing fake $25,000 bills to sidewalks all over the city.

The dollar bills, in case you hadn’t guessed it by now, direct the finder to the Mafia Wars website.

Alex Tse, City Attorney, indicated precisely what consequences there might be for such an offense.  Zynga would be required to:

provide the City full information regarding the nature and extent of the marketing campaign affecting the public way in the City, identify all parties other than Zynga responsible for this campaign, and provide the City with a proposal to fully resolve the issue.

So… that doesn’t seem so bad.  Consequences might remain unchanged.

The San Francisco Weekly also mentions another of Zynga’s marketing attempts that we assumed was a joke at first.  We’ve been reading too many sarcastic blogs lately, we guess. Apparently yesterday Zynga blew up a truck in the Nevada desert with… Snoop Dog?  To advertise Mafia Wars.

Here’s video, where, due to an almost successful bout of sheer incompetence, the organizers of the livestream show caused their star to stand directly between the camera and the ridiculously hyped explosion, completely blocking it from view.

(via Kotaku.)

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