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Zangief Transformer Gives a New Meaning to “Flying Power Bomb”

We are in awe of this creation by Fanboy Forumer The Deej: Everyone’s favorite seven-foot-tall, bite-happy, Russian wrestlin’ Street Fighter, Zangief, reënvisioned as a Transformer. Alas, no transformation pics of the ‘bot, as far as we can tell, but we’re guessing from the arm wheels and the red feet and the grill below his head that he’d be a big, tough, somehow identifiably Russian truck. In any event, The Deej won a forum art contest with this one, and it’s definitely (wait for it) more than meets the eye.

As Capcom-Unity points out, there’s definitely a certain affinity with Super Street Fighter IV‘s Mecha-Zangief: Thoughts?

(Fanboy Forum via Kotaku via Capcom Unity)

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