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Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Mysteriously Removed From YouTube

Well, it looks like tomorrow is Saturday since Friday is no longer available. Good news if you’re looking forward to the weekend.

Rebecca Black stole our hearts by letting us know the order of the days of the week and asking us for seating advice, but now the fun fun fun fun is over and the 160 million hit video is nowhere to be found.

YouTube is reluctant to say whether or not Miss Black herself had anything to do with the video’s takedown, but reminds everyone that

“YouTube takes copyright infringement very seriously. When we receive a complaint alleging that a video infringes another person or company’s copyrights, we remove that video. Users who believe that a video was removed in error can appeal the copyright takedown.”

In the meantime, you’ll just have to wait to see what day tomorrow actually is, then maybe write a song explaining it.

(via Mashable)

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