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YouTube Pulls Apple’s “It Gets Better” Video


We’ve seen popular companies contribute to the It Gets Better Project before, though when they’re released, they’re normally lauded and praised and posted all over the Internet. For the unaware, the It Gets Better Project features videos from the LGBT community that contain messages to the younger LGBT community, letting them know the adversity they face will get better as they grow older. Well, Apple threw their hat into the It Gets Better ring and released a video featuring gay, lesbian, and transgender Apple employees telling youth not to worry, because it got better for them as they grew older. Positive message from a prevalent company, right? Probably, but YouTube pulled the video, so who knows.

Why YouTube pulled the video is in question, though The Mac Observer speculates that the video might’ve been pulled because the Apple video includes detailed descriptions of harassment the employees faced when they were young–including accounts of attempted and contemplated suicide–which YouTube might’ve found too inappropriate. None of the other It Gets Better videos have been pulled as of this time.

(via The Mac Observer)

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