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You’re Not the Chosen One, Anak—Er, Donald Trump

Obi-Wan Kenobi screaming

The last time someone was openly claimed as the “Chosen One,” he was misled by the Emperor, force-choked his very pregnant wife, and then burned in a pit of lava. It seems as if Donald Trump has either never seen Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, or he thinks he’s the Emperor in this situation. Both the Emperor and Anakin die. (Presumably, though Rise of Skywalker may bring him back, so who knows?) But the point is that calling yourself the “Chosen One” never bodes well for anyone.

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While tweeting out quotes from a conservative radio host/conspiracy peddler who said that Israeli people love him like he’s the “King of Israel,” Donald Trump also went on some long-winded path that led him to saying that he was the Chosen One. The Chosen One of what? No one knows. Our destruction? Probably. Maybe he really is the anti-Christ, and this is Good Omens. The minute he gets a White House dog, we had all better run.

… What? Was he yelling to God that he was the Chosen One? The stars? The invisible force (Putin) that whispers things into his ears? Truly, no one knows. Yesterday, he trotted out this Chosen One line, the “King of Israel” thing, and another quote about being the “Second Coming of God,” all in one day.

And no one thought to say, “Hey, sir, this is not okay”? Nope, he just gets to flip out because they won’t let him by the ISLAND of GREENLAND.

Twitter rightfully lost their collective minds over the fact that the president is spouting these ideas, and nothing is being done about it.

As many of these tweets point out, if anyone else said the things he was, they would be institutionalized or lose their jobs, and yet everyone in this administration can just openly spout whatever racist, sexist, bigoted, or ridiculous thing pops into their head and then end up on Dancing With the Stars or become a Fox News contributor.

Whatever, we’re doomed. it’s been fun.

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