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“You’re All Monsters”: John Oliver Engages Youtube Comments on Last Week Tonight

Last Week Tonight was off this week, so the show took to Youtube and shared a second installment of Fan Mail,” a web exclusive where John Oliver dips into the gross and ridiculous internet space that is Youtube comments. The segment and similar series like Samantha Bee’s “Real or Fake” are horrifying in content, but so outrageous that it shows how some comment sections have honestly just become parodies of themselves.

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Oliver has always had a pretty good sense of humor about comments on his show, from the season 3 advertisements that included quotes like Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa calling his show “more unpleasant than a diuretic” and former FIFA VP Jack Warner’s “comedian fool” to small segments where he pokes fun at names he gets called on the internet (“British Millhouse,” “someone who says my parents are my best friend but who’s also an orphan,” etc.).

Anyway, the moral of the story is, don’t comment “John Oliver I’ll bet you one zillion dollars that you won’t feature this comment in a video,” because he will cash that in for a new yacht.

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