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You Can Now Make Cursed Emojis on Google

Can't wait to properly express my deepest feelings.

Pink heart emoji combined with face sticking out tongue emoji, and sparkles emoji

Have you ever wanted to combine the love heart eyes and drooling emoji? Maybe the clown and the devil ones? Well, now you can.

Described by Emojipedia as a “Google feature that allows Android users to send merged or elaborated sticker versions of Google’s emoji designs,” Emoji Kitchen was launched in early 2020 for Android users to use on their Gboards. Now, anyone can create these over-the-top emojis, as it’s become a device-wide service available via Google search that launched earlier this month.


I could spend hours on this ? what’s the funniest one you’ve made #graphicdesign #emojis #emojikitchen

♬ They Dont Know Your Name by Andrey Azizov – Andrey Azizov

When experimenting with Emoji Kitchen, you can create thousands of different combinations. If you enter the same combination twice, you will get an “especially exaggerated doubled-up version” of your unique creation, according to Emojipedia. There are currently over 650 supported emojis and nearly 30,000 combinations have been produced so far.

To use this glorious new feature—you can access the Kitchen on both mobile and desktop—just type ‘Emoji Kitchen’ into the Google search bar. It’s the first result that comes up, so click the “Get cooking” button and voilà! You can create the emoji of your dreams. The sky is the limit—well, maybe not quite the sky, more like the developers’ workload, but dare to dream.

Xavier Salazar, a senior software engineer currently working for Slack, also created a platform where users can easily browse and download ready-made Emoji Kitchen combos. On his LinkedIn profile, Salazar explained, “Excited to announce (yet another) #emoji-based website which allows for quick browsing & downloading of emoji mashups from Google’s Emoji Kitchen. Perfect for your emojis when your feelings can only captured by numerous hotdogs caught in a tornado or a penguin dressed as a strawberry.” If you’re hungry for emojis that can more accurately reflect your mood but you can’t afford to lose hours playing around with Emoji Kitchen, then Salazar’s platform is certainly worth checking out.

The internet is soon to be full of delightfully cursed emojis. Which one will be your new go-to?

(featured image: Emoji Kitchen)

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