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Yes, It’s March Again

Wonder Woman march meme

Well, folks, we’re back. In the never-ending time loop that is our current lives, we’ve made it back to March. A year of our lives gone to the sands of time, and yet, somehow it is still March 2020. Last March, I had such hope. I was going to Galaxy’s Edge. I was going to get a lightsaber. I thought I was going to meet Chris Evans and Ewan McGregor. And then the world laughed at us all, and we’ve been trapped in the movie Palm Springs ever since.

Remember when we all thought we’d maybe be out of this by summer? Oh, the laughter. But looking at how we were back in March to where we are now, one thing is clear: It’s still March. We never left. This is just one long month and none of us had a birthday or anything. We’re going to all wake up and open our front doors someday, and that’s when April 2020 will start.

Still, this new meme (I say new, but we do it all the time to express how absolutely dead inside we all are) gives us a perfect look at where we were at the start of March in 2020 and how we’re doing 52 weeks into March of 2020.

The meme is simple: You just post about your feelings at the beginning of March in 2020 to where we’re at now, a year later, while we’re still stuck in quarantine.

There are a plethora of memes out there because, look, we’re all at the breaking point, if we haven’t fully broken already. Looking at what hope we had at the beginning of March of 2020 to where we’re at nearly a year into the pandemic is a lot, so at least we can have some fun laughs about it, right?

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