Misty, Van, and the others carry someone trussed on a pole in the Yellowjackets season 2 trailer.

‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Trailer Showcases New Cast Members

It’s almost here! Yellowjackets season 2 is premiering on March 24, and a new trailer has dropped. Here’s what we noticed!

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This post contains major spoilers for Yellowjackets season 1.

Winter has come, and there’s something in the woods

Season 1 left us with several mysteries, one of which was the presence in the forest. Is there actually something out there in the woods, or is it all in the girls’ heads? Van starts off the trailer by telling a story of something that seeks out anyone who finds themselves in the forest. Natalie and Lottie also seem to believe that there’s something out there, and that the girls brought it back with them when they were rescued.

Season 2 will also pick up just as winter falls, driving the girls to extreme methods of survival.

Elijah Wood joins the cast

We first saw Elijah Wood’s character, Wally, in the teaser, and we see him again for a moment in the new trailer. Misty tells him that someone is hiding something, and he tells her that everybody is hiding something.

Adult Lottie

Teenage Lottie stares at the camera in Yellowjackets season 1.

In season 1, we only saw Lottie in the flashbacks, when it was revealed that she possibly had mystical powers and was the mysterious Antler Queen. Now we get to see her in the present day, played by Simone Kessell. She’s been treated in a psychiatric hospital, and now seems to be a spiritual leader.

Oops, Shauna’s a murderer

Season 1 ended with a shocking twist, when Shauna killed her lover Adam, thinking he was the one blackmailing the surviving Yellowjackets. However, it turned out that her own husband Jeff was the culprit. In the trailer, Shauna’s daughter Callie confronts her, although it’s not 100% clear whether Callie’s referring to Adam’s murder, or something that Shauna did in the past. After all, Shauna seems to equivocate, first denying the accusation and then rethinking her answer.

Florence does Gwen

We’d be remiss if we didn’t comment on the music choice for the trailer. It’s “Just a Girl” by the ’90s band No Doubt, covered by Florence and the Machine. The music is a perfect mashup of the ’90s flashbacks in the show, with an ominous, modern tinge to it.

Who’s trussed up in the snow?

The series began with a shocking scene, in which the girls hunted and seemingly ate a member of their team. Although much of season 1 seemed to indicate that it was Jackie, we now know that Jackie died from exposure. We briefly see the girls carrying a body trussed up on a pole, but the mystery of who they hunted in that first scene hasn’t been solved yet.

(featured image: Showtime)

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