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Artist Uses Gay Disney Princes as NSFW Reminder That You Don’t Have to Be Hetero to Be Happy

Kiss the boy!


Artist YANN-X has some compelling theories about Disney princes. Speaking to The Huffington Post, the artist explained his inspiration behind depicting iconic male Disney characters in a new light:

My first childhood memory was going to the movie theater with my dad to watch “Snow White.” I was three years old and it hit me like a truck, because Prince Charming — so gentle, yet so manly — thrilled me in a way I never felt before. I had fallen in love! From this moment on I dreamt of becoming an artist (and work for Disney, of course!). Years later, artists like Joe Phillips or David Kawena inspired me anew with their radiant vision of a gay life,as normal and happy as a straight one… and no matter how idealistic, I wanted to be a part of this.

[…] Of course, Disney characters are icons of our collective memory, so tapping that source is like using a universal language — it’s a way to make sure everyone will get my message. So, I give these characters a private life, let them flirt, make love or have fun, not for cheap thrills but as a way to reflect on our feelings and intimacy.

In the same way that YANN-X’s art could prompt us to reflect on the roles gender and sexuality play in our intimacy, I’d also love to see more fanart depicting Disney characters of different sizes, abilities, and levels of conventional attractiveness. (Incidentally, this post on the fetishization of gay men by women may be varying degrees of relevant here.)




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