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Wynonna Earp Recap: Episode 10, “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”


We’re only a couple of episodes away from the season one finale of Wynonna Earp, and episode 10 gives us a real humdinger of a twist. While our reluctant heir Wynonna is settling into her role, something is about to come along and change everything. Grab a drink at BoBo’s and settle in for this week’s recap.

Speaking of BoBo’s, Wynonna and Waverly are pretty pissed that BoBo now owns their beloved Shorty’s and make their displeasure known by paying BoBo a visit. Not taking too kindly to having his life threatened and business disrupted, BoBo uses his magic Revenant power to rip Waverly’s necklace right off—a necklace that used to belong to Willa. The sisters leave the premises and head back to the precinct where the real reason for their little visit is revealed. While at BoBo’s, Waverly planted a recording device and now Dolls can eavesdrop on his plans.

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Elsewhere in Purgatory, a young woman dressed in all white stumbles onto a gas station run by a Revenant. The Rev is all ready to do his Rev thing until he sees that the young and very distraught woman is marked with two black lines down one side of her face. It’s enough to scare him shitless, and as he yells at her to leave, she asks him to tell her mother that she’s sorry she ever ran off. Then we see what the Rev was so frightened of—a vicious wolf that tears the poor woman apart.

While Waverly listens in to the less than savory conversations at BoBo’s, Dolls questions Wynonna about why she failed to mention that BoBo has a host of special powers. Wynonna didn’t think it really mattered since she plans on introducing him to Peacemaker soon enough. Dolls figures that the Shorty’s takeover was to provide a special cover that makes it nearly impossible to attack BoBo without civilian witnesses. And that’s a sure fire way to have Purgatory end up a smoldering hole in the ground.

Back at BoBo’s, the Revenant from the gas station runs in to tell BoBo that someone named Lou is back. BoBo reacts violently to the mere mention of Lou’s name, and grabs the Rev by the collar. When the Rev’s tin tooth (yay 1850s dentistry) starts causing feedback with the planted bug, BoBo is made wise to Dolls’ plan. He finds the bug and announces that Wynonna and Doc have been square dancing without their pants on.

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Wynonna does everything she can to change the subject with Dolls, but it’s evident that even the steely faced Dolls is smarting a little knowing that Wynonna and Doc know each other biblically. Dolls heads off to “do his thing” and Wynonna tries to find Waverly. She finds her sister and inconveniently Haught-blocks a make-out sesh between Waverly and Officer Haught. Too wrapped up in her own head, Wynonna doesn’t even pick up on the new couple, and instead confesses to sleeping with Doc. Haught is far from surprised but Waverly is taken aback. Being Waverly though, she wants to know if her sister is in love. Wynonna says it’s just sex, but I think we all know it’s more complicated than that.

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Remember Whiskey Jim? Well, he’s looking a little rough and tied up in some contraption in a warehouse. He’s visited by BoBo, who tells the man to start spilling to Black Badge. BoBo, what are you up to?

At the homestead, Doc is startled to see Constance’s pink Cadillac pull up, but it’s Wynonna who steps out. She hands over the keys to her paramour and tells him that the secret about them is out. She clarifies that they aren’t an “us” which saddens Doc a bit. The then takes off to follow Dolls who is on the move. She finds him at the warehouse with Whiskey Jim, where he promises that he, and nobody else, is going to hurt her. It’s one of those almost kiss moments, where eyes flutter to lips then back to eyes. Alas, it’s interrogation time instead, so Wynonna handcuffs Dolls to his car and checks out Jim for herself. Dolls is only sidelined for a minute though and joins her just in time to hear about this mysterious Lou. The story is, once upon a time, Lou and BoBo were bffs but have a difference of opinion on how to handle their Revenant status. Lou left and took with him a powerful weapon. (Is it a crossbow? It’s a crossbow isn’t it?) Thing is, Lou has been missing for years, hiding in the Pine Barrens forest.

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The Pine Barrens had a reputation for being haunted, so it’s time to suit up and head to the woods. Dolls confides in Wynonna that there is a mole in the organization, and Wynonna admits that she thought he was sick and that’s why he was jetting off all the time. Dolls warns her not to lose site of her humanity throughout all of this. That’s what makes her different from the Revs. That’s what makes her a hero.

Not really knowing what the hell to do with a car, Doc considers smashing it to death. Waverly gives him a little hell about sleeping with her sister before suggesting that he learn to drive it, rather than destroy it.

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Did you know that Dolls was afraid of the woods? Because he is. They head out into the Pine Barrens and quickly get disoriented and separated. Wynonna follows a bright light and ends up in a strange compound surrounded by young women dressed in white. The leader of this band of ladies is a man they call, Yiska. Wynonna plays along, pretending to be a lost soul looking for meaning. (Melanie Scrofano is particularly hilarious in this scene, nailing one-liners and trying very hard not to freak out in the ritual bath.)


One of the young women, Eve, takes a special interest in Wynonna and leads her around the compound. They speak about how to tell the good guys from the bad ones, but they are interrupted when Dolls is brought in. With Dolls in custody and at least safe for the time being, Wynonna questions Eve more about Yiska and the compound. She spills about where Dolls is being held, and after a bit of bonding, Wynonna konks Eve on the head with a chamber pot and takes off.


Wynonna finds Dolls and as they make their escape, they run straight into Yiska/Lou and his followers. Oops. Yiska/Lou Revenants out for only Wynonna to see, and drags her and Dolls into the compound. He marks both of them with the two black stripes, just like the poor girl who was eaten by the wolf. Wynonna tells all the followers who she really is, and Eve is particularly questioning, something Yiska/Lou doesn’t appreciate. For their trouble, Dolls and Wynonna get hoods put on their heads and dropped off in separate locations in Purgatory. Wynonna ends up back at the police station where she can’t wipe off the black marks or get a hold of Dolls. Wynonna figures out that Dolls is still in the woods and runs out to find him. Waverly, who is all kinds of stressed, meets back up with Haught, who is being all kinds of adorable but knows when to switch gears when her lady is vexed. The police scanner goes off to say that a pink Caddy was causing a ruckus and an officer was needed. Get it, Haught.

Dolls, in nothing but a tank top and blanket, runs from the woods and finds sanctuary in his car. Well, a freezing cold sanctuary with a ferocious wolf on the hood, but still. He takes a moment to give himself a shot of his lizard juice too before noticing Peacemaker dangling from a tree in front of him. So about that wolf though.


After giving the adorably clueless Doc a ticket for going 100 over the speed limit, Officer Haught retreats to her cruiser while Waverly gives the cowboy a tongue lashing about heading out of town without a goodbye. Doc, his tender heart feeling a bit wounded, thinks Wynonna will be alright since she has Dolls. Waverly wants Doc to try, like she’s trying with Haught. Doc points out that the difference is, Haught is head over heels for Waverly. It’s not the same way with Wynonna.

Wynonna finds Dolls in the woods, where he has recovered his jacket and Peacemaker, and naturally Wynonna heads right back into the mouth of danger to rescue the women of the cult. In the compound, a ceremony is underway where Yiska/Lou is giving all the girls black marks and sending them back out into the world to be devoured. Nice guy, no? Eve has begun to question everything and is even so bold as to pronounce in front of the women that their leader is a big fat liar.

As Dolls and Wynonna approach the compound, Dolls tells Wynonna about skinwalkers—humans who could take on the form of animals. This explains the wolf and scary crows nearby. Seems like Yiska/Lou has a skinwalker under his thrall, and is using them to kill anyone who escapes the cult. They bust into the compound and are greeted by Eve who knows the what what now. If any of the women are to safely leave, Wynonna has to find Yiska/Lou and send his trifling ass back to hell. Wynonna and Ever run out into the night after Yiska/Lou and find him boarding a snowmobile. Before Wynonna can go after him, a huge bear tries to attack her and knocks Peacemaker out of her hand. She yells to Eve to grab the gun, but when Peacemaker reaches Eve’s hands, it does it’s magical glowing thing, and she shoots Yiska/Lou right between the eyes. His death releases the skinwalker woman from her bear prison, and she thanks Wynonna before running off. Wynonna can’t believe her eyes when she sees that Eve was able to use Peacemaker. What could be the explanation? (cough long lost sister cough)

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Back at the station, Haught helps out the women from the compound while Wynonna stares at Eve, tears in her eyes. She knows there’s only really one explanation as to why Eve was able to use Peacemaker. The guilt Wynonna feels for giving up on her lost sister is palpable. She takes Eve home with her and while Waverly doesn’t immediately see the connection, Gus knows right away that this woman is Willa Earp.

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The true heir has returned home.

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