Rover on the edge of a cliff overlooking a red pit scenery in Wuthering Waves

Everything We Know About ‘Wuthering Waves,’ Kuro Game’s Latest RPG Adventure

If you’re keeping an eye out for a new gacha, open-world RPG that could possibly go toe-to-toe with Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail, then stay tuned: Kuro Game is currently working on Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves is a long-awaited game, as it was originally supposed to be released in 2022. However, the game is currently still in closed beta testing, and no new announcements have been made regarding its updated release date. Many gacha gamers once dubbed this game as a possible Genshin Impact competitor, mainly because of its amazing character designs and stunning animations, as featured in the game’s showcases.

Wuthering Heights will be a multi-platform game. Judging from the closed beta testing announcement, it will be available on both mobile and PC. It is currently unclear if there will be cross-progression between devices, like other games of its kind. Unlike Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail, it is currently unknown if Wuthering Waves will have a multiplayer function.

We also don’t know too much about the plot of Wuthering Waves, save for the fact that it’s set in a sci-fi world and that the obtainable characters are called “resonators.” They are the product of “wutherons” and human beings.

Wuthering Waves‘ confirmed characters

There are currently fifteen characters that are set to be released. Two of these are a male and a female starter character, both known as Rover. There is no announcement on the order in which the characters will be released as of this date, but voice actors for three confirmed characters have already been announced—all of them were notable for the characters they voiced in another RPG, Arknights.

The character Yangyang, whose character description says, “Yangyang’s Resonance Liberation is a powerful tool in combat, making her a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Her mastery of the Resonance Circuit and her skill with a sword makes her a valuable asset to any team and a force to be reckoned with in combat,” will be voiced by Rebecca Yeo, who is best known for her voice-over role as Cliffheart in Arknights.

The character Aalto will be voiced by James Day, who voices SilverAsh in Arknights. Aalto is described as “A highly skilled and versatile character in Wuthering Waves. His Resonance Liberation ability allows him to fire a powerful shot that, upon connecting with an enemy, creates an AoE field or cloud that deals damage over time while also inflicting additional effects.”

Jennifer Armour, who lent her voice to Arknight‘s Scavenger, will be voicing the upcoming Wuthering Waves character Sanhua. Sanhua’s powers include “a powerful broad slash that deals massive damage to enemies in its path and applies the Ice effect.”

English and Japanese voice actors for both Rovers, as well as Chixia, Bailian, An’ke, Jiyan, Danjin, Yinlin, Yuanwu, Jueyuan, Taoqi, and Mortefi are all yet to be announced.

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