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Just When We Settled Our Differences About Pineapple on Pizza, Pepsi Entered the Chat With Pepsi-Roni

Pineapple is no longer the controversial pizza take.

Pepsi and Pizza

In case you didn’t know, May 20th is National Pizza Party Day. At least that’s what this pizza-themed event from Pepsi is telling me. Not that I need an excuse to debate between frozen pizza or “screw it I’ll order in,” but I appreciate there being a day where you’re expected to eat pizza. I’m not sure how I feel about that day being used to create a soda-pop-flavored topping, though.

WTF is a Pepsi-Roni?

“PIZZA LOVERS REJOICE,” says the Pepsi Twitter account in all caps. “Introducing… the PEPSI-RONI PIZZA – the world’s first Pepsi-infused pepperoni!” Well… I suppose this is better than getting it the other way around. Not sure if I’m reading to drink pizza. “Our perfect pizza beverage has joined forces with America’s favorite pizza topping – a sweet & spicy collab no one saw coming…”

I mean yes, I do enjoy a can of Pepsi with my pizza, especially if it’s their mango flavor, but… a Pepsi-flavored pepperoni? I first got word of this story from a fellow staff writer who probably remembered the time I wrote about candy corn bratwurst and said “here’s something a bit tamer, I think?” Then she sent me this article from Pajiba and the rest, as they say, is questionable life choices – I mean, history.

According to the event page, “The unique topping recipe designed by Pepsi and CIA (Culinary Institute of America) Consulting includes a Pepsi Zero Sugar reduction instead of the water typically used in pepperoni preparation and layers the sweet and citrus zests Pepsi is known for with the standard spice blends found in pepperoni.” Well, that answers my question as to which version of Pepsi is being used for this. Do Crystal Pepsi, you cowards, I dare you.

I’ll take the hit, where do I try a slice?

If you are curious as to what this tastes like, you can actually try it for free if you live in New York City or, I dunno, wanna plan a sudden trip to New York City? “This Friday, May 20 from 11 AM to 3 PM, pizza fanatics located in New York City can try the first Pepsi-Roni Pizza (for free!) in Lower Manhattan – the birthplace of pepperoni – only at Made in New York Pizza West Village (561 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014), while supplies last.”

If you can’t make it out there, the pizza will be coming soon to Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, and Chicago. “Follow @/Pepsi for updates on other cities by 5/24.” Or unfollow them for this campaign and become a Coca-Cola stan, that’s also an option.

(Featured image: Pepsi)

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