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The Most Unstoppable Professional Wrestling Move of All Time [Video]

During a World Tag Team Title Tournament match at Combat Zone Wrestling’s Night of Infamy 9, one half of The Osirian Portal tag team duo employed the most unstoppable wrestling move of all time in order to win his match: Hypnosis. After he hypnotized his opponents into dancing instead of wrestling and his partner busted out the dance floor from underneath the ring while what seems to be Rapper’s Delight began to play, he then hypnotized in the direction of the backstage locker room and the wrestlers catching a breather back there ended up dancing their way out onto the main floor. One wrestler got hypnotized so badly that he started stripping during his dance. Suffice it to say, The Osirian Portal won the match, whether or not the hypnosis was “legal within international rules.”


(via Bill Simmons)

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