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I Love My Mom But I Hate The “World’s Toughest Job” Viral Video

If I didn't love my Mom then would I have this bicep tattoo? No!

By now many of us have probably seen the viral video for “The World’s Toughest Job.” I was afraid my frustration with the ad stemmed from being a soulless millennial, but thankfully I’m not the leader of the #World’sToughestJob backlash–plenty of others are upset and offended by American Greetings’ and cardstore’s shameless ad.

For anyone who doesn’t know the premise yet behind the video, a fake job listing for a company called Rehtom (read that backwards. I know, that’s some Da Vinci Code type encryption there) was posted for a Director of Operations position. Applicants had to be willing to work 135 hours a week,  skip lunches, do pro bono work, and cater their entire existence, 365 days a year, to “the associate’s” needs. 24 applicants were filmed doing a video interview for the job in which they were told the position would also be entirely unpaid. The few that reacted positively to the video’s reveal (SURPRISE! IT’S MOMS!!!) now appear in the above ad.

International Business Times (maybe not the world’s leading expert on how to tell someone you love them, but still) reports that commenters are upset with cardstore and American Greetings for trying to

induce guilt from the applicants who were probably desperate for a job. It was a “cruel prank,” which tricked people into thinking that they had a chance at landing a legitimate work.

Others say the premise of the ad (applicants have to work 24/7/365) ignores all the hard work done by Dads, but I wouldn’t worry there, I’m sure “Rehtaf ” will post a job listing in a month’s time.

My personal objection with the ad, and one that IBT notes has been shared by many commenters, is that the commercial is a four minute guilt trip that shames viewers into purchasing a product. As a consumer I resent the implication that I’m a bad person for not being interested in a company’s product or message.

“The Hardest Job In The World” manipulates viewers so extensively that I’m sure simply because I’m thinking critically about the video as an advertisement, some readers will think I’m an ungrateful monster. The commercial is pandering, annoying (seriously, who didn’t think it was going to be “moms”?) and puts viewers in an unfair position.

Also, it’s factually incorrect, and I’m pretty sure my own Mom (who is amazing and lovely and way too savvy to be manipulated by this schlock) would agree. #RealTalk #HardestJobInTheWorld? Chilean miner. Sorry it’s true. I would tell cardstore to make an ad for that, but it probably wouldn’t be as lucrative.

(via International Business Times, image via World’s Toughest Job)

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