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World’s First Electronic Glasses Switch Focus on Command

For the past twelve years, PixelOptics has been developing the emPower glasses, electronic glasses that change their level of focus when prompted via a thin layer of liquid crystal contained within the lenses. A godsend for people who wear bifocal lenses, the emPower glasses switch focus, activating the reading prescription, when the wearer either moves their head downward as if they were reading or by simply touching the frame.

The emPower glasses have three settings — automatic, manual on and manual off — in order to give the wearer full control over their prescription maneuvering. The glasses employ a battery with an eight hour charge, though thankfully, the battery will only be used when the wearer actually switches focus.

Though the above picture doesn’t exactly show the height of eyewear fashion, PixelOptics promises that the glasses will be manufactured in all prescriptions, styles, shapes, sizes and colors, once the glasses are ready to roll out to the general consumer, which is aimed for this summer. Unfortunately, the glasses and battery charger will burn a $1,000 hole in our pockets at the time of release.

(via Daily Mail)

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