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Of Course Someone Has a Problem With the Excellent Wonder Woman 1984 Poster

Diana readies herself for battle in the new poster for Wonder Woman 1984.

People have a problem with the new, amazing Wonder Woman 1984 poster? How absolutely unsurprising! It’s 2019; everyone is going to be mad about something, especially when women are involved, so of course, people are mad that there is color on the poster. Fans of Zack Synder are probably going to start a #ReleaseTheBlandPoster hashtag soon.

Look, I have very little patience for fans hating on anything woman-related. The first Wonder Woman faced backlash, and then, when it was a really good movie, everyone suddenly forgot that they were hating on it beforehand. Captain Marvel is facing the same thing now, so are we shocked that there was someone on Twitter didn’t want to “diss” Patty Jenkins but hates that this poster is, I don’t know … pretty?

The comment shared ’round the internet read, “I don’t wanna diss Patty Jenkins but wtf is this shit? Who’s the target audience? The warrior we saw in BVS who saved Bruce is gone. That mystique is gone. Idk what this Sephora shit is all about. BVS Wonder Woman was so much more.”

First off, lots to unpack. 1. He thinks Diana’s more of a warrior in Batman V. Superman where she barely speaks. 2. He’s mad there’s … vibrant color? In a movie set in the ’80s? 3. He has clearly never been to a Sephora.

As the replies went on, though, everyone began to call out the absurdity of this entire situation.

Obviously, though, most of us loved the new poster and want Diana Prince back in our life sooner rather than later.

We have less than a year now until Diana is on the screen once more, and honestly, I can’t wait.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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