Woman Quits Job with Dry Erase Board, Calls Out Boss for Playing FarmVille at Work

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This isn’t quite as dramatic as the JetBlue flight attendant who recently quit his job by sliding down his plane’s emergency chute, but it’s still quite a feat: A young woman named Jenny quit her job by emailing her office of twenty people a series of photos of herself holding a dry erase board and explaining her predicament there. She claims to have put up with her assistant job for a temperamental boss with “bad breath” because she wanted to be a broker: However, the last straw was when she overheard her boss using sexist language to describe her. When transferring a call, she heard him calling her a “HOPA,” which she deciphered as “hot piece of ass.”

Update: Yeah, not real; it was fun, though.

So she turned her boss’ system for sneakily monitoring employee Internet use against him, and if she’s to be believed, he does not come off looking well: While he spent just four hours per week on Scottrade (and 5.3 hours per week on TechCrunch … not sure if that’s a bad or a good thing), he spent almost twenty per week playing FarmVille.

“Although I don’t have another job … Something tells me I’ll be just fine :)” she concludes.

These photos — real or fake, they’re quite entertaining — are part of an epic 34-part series; TheCHIVE has them all.

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