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The Falcon Finally Makes It To a Winter Soldier Poster… and He’s An Inch and a Half Tall


First the Falcon gets a Spanish-language poster that may actually be fanmade. Now he gets a spot on a Japanese poster…. all the way in the background. Amusingly, the original version of this poster had the Winter Soldier where Falcon is now. I like to think of one of Marvel’s poster designers, also a die-hard Anthony Mackie fan, sitting in front of his computer sneakily switching the characters out, because if Marvel’s not gonna give us a damn Falcoln poster, he’ll make one himself. Sorry, Sebastian Stan.

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When Marvel finally gets around to giving the Falcon and Winter Soldier proper character posters, they’d better be gosh darned masterpieces. Wallpaper Times Square with those suckers. They’re just holding off for maximum impact, right?

(via: blastr)

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