Windows 8 Also Redesigned the Start Menu, Now High Contrast

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We saw the new Windows 8 Explorer design, and whether or not the redesign ruins your Windows life, Microsoft continues to redesign some of the operating system’s visually iconic features. Up next, the Start Menu. Offhandedly shown in a video about how Windows 8 will handle ISO and VHD files, the Start Menu shown is sporting a very contrasting black color and seems to have taken a minimalist approach, the complete opposite approach the new Explorer design has taken. Go check out the video on the MSDN blog post. The video is a little boring, unless you’re extremely into accessing ISO and VHD files in Windows operating systems, but the new Start Menu quickly makes an appearance, so you won’t have to suffer for too long if accessing ISO and VHD files isn’t your idea of a September picnic.

(Engadget via Techmeme)

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