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Windows 8 Adds United Kingdom English to Standalone Languages, Surprisingly Never Previously Had it

For those British folks that routinely get annoyed when choosing a language in anything from operating systems to video games, Microsoft hears your charmingly accented pleas, and is finally including an English language option in Windows 8. Your kind of English. English English.

As Ars Technica points out, Windows has generally allowed users to use a U.K. keyboard layout, but the poor Brits had to deal with the rough-and-tumble American language Windows for quite a while. Well, no more. Instead of bathroom-and-defense Windows, United Kingdom patrons will now be able to install a standalone loo-and-defence Windows, which means this isn’t just the language pack treatment, it’s a proper tribute to all things slightly different. Standalone languages simply mean that all of the user interface components required to be an independent version of Windows.

Though this isn’t the biggest revolution, the recognition of English as a standalone Windows language will certainly make at least one country pretty happy and probably shouldn’t been an oversight for so long. Meat pies all around.

(Building Windows 8 blog via Ars Technica)

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