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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Now Available for Download


Are you a consumer? Do you like previews? Have you been wanting to check out the wacky new Windows 8 UI? Starting today, you can do so for free! The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available for download, and all you’ll need is a good bit of harddisk space, and a USB stick or DVD to burn for easier installation. You’ll also need to appreciate weird art, because that new UI alternative feels pretty weird to use on an actual desktop. You could also just ignore the thing and use the standard desktop arrangement like you’ve been using your whole life. Get the public beta here.

If you have used Windows 8, tell us what you think. I found the alternative UI to feel unnatural on a screen larger than a portable touchscreen, which makes a bit of sense considering the UI scheme was designed for Windows Phone, but I never found that UI to be well-made to begin with. It always seemed too reminiscent of a high schooler’s bedroom wall, covered in pictures of their four year high school social life. The huge boxes also seem a little out of place when using a mouse, but make more sense when using a finger, obviously much larger than a mouse pointer, on the touchscreen. Popping out of the new UI scheme and back into the classic layout, the operating system felt like Windows as usual, which is probably a good thing.

While you’re downloading the public beta, check out our coverage of some of the new features in Windows 8, then check out more coverage from Microsoft, because those 3.3 gigs will most likely give you enough time to catch up on your reading.

(via ExtremeTech)

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