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Go Back to 1985 With This In-Browser Windows v1.0.1 Emulation

We would like everyone to know we beat it in Reversi.

Windows Reversi

We here at Geekosystem are too young to say a look back on Windows v1.0.1 is a trip down memory lane, but it’s a nice jump through the time warp to see how computers worked in the before time, in the long long ago, and a new browser emulation lets us do just that. Why not go back in time and try it for yourself? will let you run an in-browser version of Windows 1.0.1. The emulator will run Calculator, Calendar, Notepad, a laughably crude version of Paint, and most importantly of all Reversi. Sure, your current modern operating system can run much better versions of these programs, but then you don’t get to feel like you’ve gone back in time to 1985.

Jeff Par developed the emulation. We’re assuming it’s because he loves the old timey computing or the 80’s? Maybe he can revive some more 80’s stuff for our in-browser entertainment. Maybe make an in-browser emulation of The Cure.

We ran into some problems with the mouse in the emulator not lining up with the mouse on our actual system, which led to some frustrating clicking and not being able to reach certain menu options on the first pass. Considering that we’re attempting to play around with a 27-year-old operating system, we expect a little frustration, so please don’t let that deter you.

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