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Wind Up Socket Lets You Save Power, Force Yourself to Stop Playing Video Games

Take a standard surge protector and add a regard for the environment, self-discipline, and a dash of clockpunk and you’ll wind up with the Wind Up Socket, by designers Dongwon Joo and Jieun Choi.

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This egg timer-like strip applies the principles of clockwork to the power outlet: You wind a given outlet to a desired amount of time, and the timer will slowly wind down to zero. When it hits zero, the circuit is broken and the power shuts off; good for saving energy, cutting down your electricity bill, and forcing yourself out of the house alike.

From the product mock-up:

Electric appliances differ in time of use in accordance with purposes and functions. Some electronic appliances are used for short periods of time while some are used continuously. However, most electronic appliances are usually used only for an hour, and are not used [for the] rest of the day.

Yanko Design has additional information on the socket’s background and concept.

(via Yanko Design)

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