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Let’s Talk About the Kingpin Connection in Hawkeye


Kingpin in Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil.

So many of us have one question on our minds: Can we see D’Onofrio’s Fisk in Marvel’s Disney+ Hawkeye series? Or will we get to see Kingpin at all in the MCU?

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Vincent D’Onofrio, I think, is everyone’s favorite take on Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. Kingpin) as a character. Brought to life in the Netflix Marvel series Daredevil, he is a large and imposing figure who torments Matt Murdock’s Hell’s Kitchen, but he also has deeper ties in the comic world of Marvel.

**Spoilers for Hawkeye Episode 3 titled “Echoes” lie within.**

Since we found out about the existence of the Hawkeye show, there have been whispers of Wilson Fisk returning, mainly because news broke that Maya Lopez, a.k.a. Echo, would be a part of the show, and fans of the comics knew her connection to Fisk. With Vincent D’Onofrio always seemingly ready to come back, it seemed the right time, especially since Fisk is also a Spider-Man villain, putting him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of the Marvel Netflix shows would be exciting.

While we still have not seen proof that D’Onofrio is part of Hawkeye, we were gifted a bit of a look into Maya Lopez’s story, and while no one was stated by name, one thing is very clear: There’s a man in a beautiful suit at Maya’s karate match who everyone calls Uncle, and it is a bit suspicious …

Season 1 episode 3 of Hawkeye, titled “Echoes,” features a lot of backstory for Maya Lopez. Played by the absolutely incredible Alaqua Cox, her history was covered a bit in the episode, and we also got a glimpse at this “Uncle” figure. The most telling part, for me, was the suit. Yes, I knew the connection to Fisk going in, so any little nod turns me into that side-eye emoji.

In the comics, Maya’s adoptive father is Kingpin. He’s also the reason she is seen as a villain when we first meet her, before she becomes one of the good guys. Now, in Hawkeye, we meet Maya’s father, and it is confirmed when she’s talking to Kazi that her father was the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia (or the Bro Gang, as I like to call them). Then Kazi brings up Uncle again, and I have to know why he’s called Uncle and when we’ll actually get to see Kingpin.

Is Yelena going to also be working with Fisk? Are we going to see his face at all, or will we just have a brief moment with a man and his suit to sustain us? Well, we have three episodes left and a lot of unanswered questions about Maya, the Tracksuit Mafia, Kate Bishop, and Clint Barton, and hopefully they lead, at some point, to Wilson Fisk.

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