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William Shatner Thinks J.J. Abrams Has Gone to the Dark Side

It Came From Outer Space


Willam Shatner is not taking J.J. Abrams taking Star Wars sitting down.

Which is to say he seems pretty disappointed that the director of two Star Trek movies is now in charge of the next Star Wars movie.

It wouldn’t be the first time Shatner’s picked a feud with the rival franchise (and by rival I guess I mean other blockbuster sci-fi series with Star in the title). He and Carrie Fischer duked it out in a series of increasingly “are they really seriously fighting?” YouTube videos until George Takei suggested they put their differences aside and team up to fight vampires.


Anyway, Shatner was recently asked for his opinion on Abrams taking Star Wars VII, and put it bluntly:

He’s being a pig… He’s probably the most talented director of that ilk we have. But, he’s gone too far this time.

The actor didn’t seem so much angry as disappointed that Abrams is “collecting” the two franchises and “holding them close to his vest” so that other filmmakers won’t get a shot at them. He said he wouldn’t mind taking Abrams out for sushi and giving him a piece of his mind, so to speak. I dunno, J.J. Maybe you better give him the cameo instead of Leonard this time.

(via GeekTyrant.)

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